Video-Straightening my Indian Remy Deep Wave Weave

To Preserve the Hair at Night: Wrap your hair nightly w/a satin or silk scarf Links: Beyond the Zone – Turn up the heat protectant spray  H20 Pro Flat Iron – Sorry forgot the model I had this flat iron for some years now

Video Prt.1 – Christmas Eve – Styling my hair w/flexi rods (Weave Edition)

You don’t have to use heat, you can do the same steps just don’t sit under the hooded dryer, and wrap your hair w/a scarf and go to sleep. I actually only sat under the dryer for 30min because my hair wasn’t wet by the foam, I used the heat just to quickly set the […]

Video- Virgin Indian Remy Deep Wave Weave Process

Hello Everyone , In November I went for a consultation where my stylist Lisa & I talked about what I wanted to achieve. I wanted to go curly this round, have a pop of red color to accentuate my henna usage, minimal care, and do way w/initial heat use. Normally I would use indian remy […]

Video-Weave Prep Routine & Leave in Conditioner Update

Links: Sally’s Beauty Supply Haul – Bamboo Deep Strengthening Mask  Mehandi -Henna for hair/body How I prep my henna  Conditioner Olive oil, coconut oil, any oil I have on hand Sometimes 1 egg Mix henna until its the consistency of mashed potatoes or smooth (I normally use my hand mixer)      but this time […]