Video Urban Broad – Autumn Wreath Soap 100% Vegan & LUSH

About Kristina Lagoda, an artist and soap creator from Brooklyn, NY. Urban Broad Soaps are all natural 100% vegan which don’t include: Animal Fats, lard, or tallow Palm Oil No “Red Lake 40” in our ingredients   These handmade soaps do include: Only all-natural colorants and exfoliants herbs, spices, root powders, oil infusions, clays, oxides, […]

Lush — Facial Care for Oily – Acne Skin Types

Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics believe in using only organic fruits & veggies, quality essential oils, and ethical campaigns. Making people happy, standing up for the cause, and quality service are their main goals. Feel free to read more about them at LUSH.   I walked past Lush many times, it looks like a candy store, […]