VI Peel 7 Day FULL Vlog

A BIG SECRET: Since this peel is pricey…please sign up for GROUPON, and you’ll get a dramatic discount once groupon posts it as a special…This is how i paid for it by keeping up w/Groupon and I caught a deal for $149!! Okay below are some VI Peel FAQ’s and besides that..enjoy the show. And […]

Bliss – Fabulous Gel to Oil Make Up Melt Video Tutorial 

Hello Everyone, Okay this is a quick video tutorial of my first time using the Bliss Gel to Oil Make Up Melt Cleanser. I received this from my Ulta haul and couldn’t wait to use this for my Star Wars movie make up. As you can see I not only had primer, concealer, but a […]

November LUSH HAUL Video

 FOR MEN Update in his limited words 🙂  Sea Vegetable Soap:::: 1) It feels different than traditional soap 2) Goes on/rinses off easy 3)Thick; concentrated 4)Moisturizing 5) Easy to comb through beard   Lush Website   For me: Opening the door has a pleasant spa ocean smell (not the smell when you go to a real ocean)

Lush — Facial Care for Oily – Acne Skin Types

Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics believe in using only organic fruits & veggies, quality essential oils, and ethical campaigns. Making people happy, standing up for the cause, and quality service are their main goals. Feel free to read more about them at LUSH.   I walked past Lush many times, it looks like a candy store, […]