Chuck Roast w/potatoes & onion Stromboli

Yes, yes, we are using the leftovers we made in the crock pot, in a clever cost effective way and it’s EASY to do!! Ingredients Leftover roast 1 – cup of shredded cheese (any kind you like) 1 – egg for egg wash to brush the edges of dough to seal 1 – Spoonful of […]

VIDEO – Farmhouse Rules Corn Chowder

Hello Evveryone 🙂 As you know I love food, I frequently watch the food network, and was watching the show called: Farmhouse Rules starring Nancy Fuller.  Episode: B-I-N-G-O she is making a corn chowder that’s easy, comforting for the winter season, and the ingredients are easy to find. So I decided to do it myself with […]