28 day Lyfe Teatox – Review

Lyfe Tea  Product Description  Lyfe Tea is a delicious blend of traditional herbs that aids in digestion and eliminates toxins released from fat cells during weight loss. It is an ultimate way to calm and cleanse your body. Lyfe Tea gives you energy and elevates your mood. It will boost your energy level without the […]

Drink More Water! Infuse it with Fruit

Hey Everyone, While we were shopping at Wegman’s I stumbled upon a tumbler. Which soon will become my new Fav. Not just any tumbler 🙂 this one had a basket inside, the wrapping said Flavor Infuser, and it was reasonably priced $5.99. Perfect, since I need a new cup for home/work anyways because I have […]

Fake Ass Clouds, Secrets, Land of Free–PLEASE

Look up at the sky..it’s a Bird..it’s a Plane… HELL NO it’s chemtrails! Wow really?! The tv showing fundraisers, government calls for new plans to “Save Earth” (but your building over all necessary forest area?!) new taxes that no one understands the reasoning ie. RAIN TAX..why pay for rain when it’s been falling from the […]