Mignon,Lobster & Disaronno Butter Sauce

My moms birthday is today Nov.18th and this is what I prepared 🌺😘 Β  **Order in which I prepared our meal – For me I cooked the biscuits first, cooked fillet mignon second, third steamed lobsters, fourth steamed broccoli, and fifth made the Disaronno butter cream sauce and poured over rested meat to serve. Prepare […]

Brunch Steak – Snow Day Dinner

Yes, I am a brunch person, not a big breakfast fan, as I’ll eat anything for breakfast like last nights dinner πŸ™‚ . Due to our last snow storm Thor, I decided to make a snow day feel warm, fun, and bright indoors. Quick easy recipe that you can tweak for your own tastes. Hope […]

For the Love of Regaining My Passions

I don’t do Valentine’s Day and I’m not a big fan of the month of February. I love it when intuition brings creative ideas when you least expect it. I was sitting on the couch minding my own business and this extravagant food menu came to mind. I love food, my stomach started growling, the […]