Mignon,Lobster & Disaronno Butter Sauce

My moms birthday is today Nov.18th and this is what I prepared 🌺😘   **Order in which I prepared our meal – For me I cooked the biscuits first, cooked fillet mignon second, third steamed lobsters, fourth steamed broccoli, and fifth made the Disaronno butter cream sauce and poured over rested meat to serve. Prepare […]

Bored, I got Alcohol..let’s Shepard’s Pie this B-**H

Like the title says I’m bored on this gloomy friday, a couple days before St. Patrick’s day, but I got plenty of alcohol to utilize 🙂 I’m hungry and my thinking couch is helping me once again! Who dosen’t like Shepard’s pie?! It’s like a pot pie but better and it’s a comfort food for […]