On The Go: Mixed Pomegranate Avocado Cups

Good Morning & Happy New Years! Ok I’m quickly making my lunch for work but I also will make this as a snack during the day. Avocado’s are so nutritious- Vitamin A-K-C-B1-2-3-5-B6-E-zinc, good for hair/eye health, has more potassium than bananas, heart healthy fats, fiber, lower cholesterol, and can help you loose weight. Pomegranates prevents cancer, […]

Ranazul – Tapas, Wine, Bistro- Fulton, MD

FYI- when I go into a restaurant I don’t like to read their “about page”. I like to go in knowing: what they serve, prices, location/hours, and parking situation. I like to go in “raw” because it gives me a better experience.   Ranazul restaurant is a bistro that serves tapas, wine, and has a […]