Video Urban Broad – Autumn Wreath Soap 100% Vegan & LUSH

About Kristina Lagoda, an artist and soap creator from Brooklyn, NY. Urban Broad Soaps are all natural 100% vegan which don’t include: Animal Fats, lard, or tallow Palm Oil No “Red Lake 40” in our ingredients   These handmade soaps do include: Only all-natural colorants and exfoliants herbs, spices, root powders, oil infusions, clays, oxides, […]

LUSH Cosmetics

LUSH Cosmetics by lilce featuring sea home decor Body Beauty Beauty Curly hair Rose skin Beauty Lips Elementem Photography sea home Inhabit tangerine throw Charity Take Back The Tap Reusable Water Gift Fight Animal Testing Ultrabalm$14 – Blackberry Bath