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Welcome to Cierra’s Passions: I currently live on the east coast, graduated from college, work full time, and I am on a “Divinely” inspired budget.

All my life I’ve been opinionated, intuitive, able to sense things that others seem to not pay attention to, and I’ve gotten into trouble many times for my honesty. In turn this caused me to use my gifts silently w/watchful eyes and ears. Only opening up to people who trust my guidance, who know me, and I felt comfortable around. 2014, has been a life changing experience for me; as I lost my father in Feb 2014, and I’ve been getting a strong divine nudge to share my passions with the world. No more intuitive closet sleeper for me, as my gifts are being brought out to the world in a bold manner. So if you’re interested in Intuitive Phone Readings (see page on side bar), Reviews, and Opinions on:

  •  Food

  •  Exercise

  • Gardening

  • Beauty/Fashions

  • Movies/Music

  • Creativity

  • Intuition & Spiritual Counseling 

Wow, that’s a mouthful, then this lifestyle blog is for you! Come enjoy my common since w/ a twist! Chow!

Angelically Proclaimed,


Laughter. Inspiration. Dedication. Review Blog



I Give thanks to: Sean

Who came up with the theme name and gave

Me the idea to blog. His nephew Amir who

Helped me come up with my website “cierrasplayground” name!

And my niece Ashley who is helping me learn how to be

With the times of blogging & more!


“I AM like a tree, planted by the rivers of water, whose leaf shall not wither; and whatever I do shall prosper.” ~Created from Psalm 1:3 (C.Lunden Podcast Teaching)


“I have a choice in everything that happens. I choose to live in a way that is in alignment with my prayers.” C. Lunden


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