The Prince (8/21/2014) Rated R

Starring Bruce Willis, Jason Patric, Curtis Jackson and others.

Movie is about a retired assassin who is drawn back into the life he gave up when his daughter is kidnapped. To rescue her, he must confront his former rival.


In the beginning of the movie you feel like a concerned parent, friend, and you get pulled into wondering what the hell is going on. Jason Patric plays Sam aka the prince.He’s the father who finds out he really knows nothing absolutely nothing about his daughter who’s been lying to him. Then he goes questioning her friends, who treats him like the plague, and hides necessary information needed to find his daughter Beth’s whereabouts.


One of Beth’s friends becomes the princes tour guide, she’s annoying so be prepared when she opens her mouth which is the ENTIRE movie, and don’t shoot your self yet. Because the adventure turns to Bruce Willis aka Omar. Bruce is his typical self playing the boss man and doing the stern “don’t take any shit” singular look he does a lot. I feel like Bruce just dosen’t want to sit at home bored w/all of his money and just started jumping into any an all roles they throw his way.

  • -my opinion

Curtis “50 cent” Jackson aka The Pharmacy is in here doing his gangsta role… not much to talk about because he’s their in a blink and gone the next. Yes the movie is slow due to Sam’s demeanor, the movies plot but when the shoot outs happen it’ll keep your attention since that’s the only laughter you’ll get.


The shoot outs are the funniest to me, kinda low budget meaning it looked fake, and who who shoots like that. Also funny to watch the Prince run in his “mom jeans”! The Prince’s daughter Beth is a horrible actress. I just wouldn’t see this in the movie theater, more so on tv, or bootleg.




8/21/14   New movie  Starring Bruce Willis, Jason Patric, Curtis Jackson and others

New movie
Starring Bruce Willis, Jason Patric, Curtis Jackson and others

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