Chesapeake Bay Sport Fishing LLC

Located in Kent Island, Maryland: Chesapeake Bay Sport Fishing, LLC Some Background info.:

  • Pride themselves on being a first-class charter fishing operation
  • Every fishing trip on the Chesapeake Bay aboard the “Net Profits”, “Jessie Girl” or”Gotcha” includes all your rods, reels, bait, tackle and most importantly fishing licenses
  • Can provide food and beverages
  • Fish cleaning services
  • Seven days a week – Annapolis, MD area

I found this on groupon original price $300 for two people, all inclusive, from 6-2pm, but I got it for $180!!! See what I mean by I rarely pay full price for anything 🙂 I surprised my boyfriend since he loves fishing, I’ve never really had a real fishing experience besides my parents, and this meant we had to wake up Sunday @4:30am. Since the charter is all inclusive we only need to bring a cooler for the fish & food.


-GPS take us away–


Besides the mini stall at the bay bridge toll booth, the lovely GPS did what it does best – get us lost in a neighborhood, but we found it 🙂 Before we set sail @6:15am, we all were split into groups, on diff. boats. We got on the “Jessie Girl”, which included 10 of us, and instructions upon our charter. Rock fish was the game, by law we can only have 2 fish each, and had to be a certain length. Watching the sunrise was aww inspiring, you were lost beyond words to see how amazing our planet is, and to think were stressed out everyday; when you have this lovely sunrise occur every morning. The picture snapping person I am took amazing photos I might say so myself 🙂 the sky looked as if it was painted by Spirit itself. Just for us to marvel & remember something deep inside us.
The captain told us to pick a card and that number was in the order of how we all fished. I had #6 and my boyfriend had #9. The captain said we are going to “troll” the waters.

Trolling Waterthe boat will stay in motion, as bait drags in the current, to assimilate real moving fish, and it’s easier to catch the predator fish


We all enjoyed watching the fishing poles, helping as a team, the rod was heavy for me, so the babe had to help me out, and we all caught different size fish. The 2 captains alternated with the recast after fixing the bait/tackle and the smaller fish were thrown back into the water. By 9:40am: we totaled the max of 20 rock fish, pulled back into the marina, the captains asked us how we want our fish cleaned, and prepared for take home. Some opted for filets, whole-gutted, and we got ours head off-gutted. I love to stuff my fish w/crabmeat so it’s easier having the fish prepared in this manner. We tipped the captains and bid farewell. Definitely will be coming back to this charter one day and september is the best time to fish weather wise. It all depends on what your trying to catch to determine when you should go.


If your in the Annapolis-Kent Island area or have fishing charters in your location: I’d highly suggest you give it a go! Especially if it’s all inclusive 🙂


Thanks for joining my experience 🙂


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22 thoughts on “Chesapeake Bay Sport Fishing LLC

    • Awww yes Ma’m I love going on trips w/the babe love seeing a smile on his face and it also keeps the relationship going you know! Hope your Hub has fun if you decide to do something like this in the future 🙂 Do tell if you do and thank you for reading my blog

    • Don’t know about the relaxing part for me I’m too hyper to learn to relax haha at least that’s what the boyfriend says. The rod was super heavy so he had to help me each time but I love being out on that water. Only thing the boat has to stay in motion for him or he gets sea sick.. Thanks for visiting my blog :))

    • I agree with you on that I’m not big on fishing, this is cool once in a while, but too see the smile/feel the happiness from my boyfriend is worth me incorporating this into my time :)) love keeping my man smiling

    • Yes, its something I’ll do my best to incorporate as long as they boats in motion boyfriend won’t get sea sick. Being out in nature is just something I’ll never get enough of 🙂 Thanks for reading

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