Michael Kors, Delia’s, and Body Central

Today is a rainy day..not a dreary one when you got a lovely pair of rain boots, and accessories. I love Delia’s jeans because they fit well and they’re sales for sure. This pair of jeans I actually got during their buy 1 get 1 free sale. If you show the store clerks the email on your cell phone or print the email down in store will honor it. Who can pass up a free pair of expensive jeans?! Not me!! I adore & have Olivia, Jayden, Morgan, Taylor, and Reese. πŸ™‚ nope these are not my contacts in my phone but these are the names of jeans from Delia’s that I own *wink* Comfortable fit, designs , and sizes. Delia’s jeans make your booty look good too πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Morgan-skinny boot cut
Color- Pacific Blue
Price- $46.90
(Ignore the price because they run discounts all the time; you’ll rarely pay full price)
Sign up for emails online: bring in your discount either on your cell or paper and they will honor that regardless of any offers in store.

Nordstrom during their fall sale also got a pair of rain boots & a leather jacket. Boots are so comfortable, repels water of course, and the jacket keeps you warm. I’m easily able to move in the jacket and don’t fill like a stick figure.

Bernardo Asymmetrical Leather Moto Jacket
Color – Black

Michael Kors ‘Emma’ Quilted Boot (Toddler, Little Kid & Big Kid)
Color- Black
Retail- $75.95
Sale- $50.00

Body Central is the place where I get some of my accessories, besides making my own custom jewlery, and my shirt was from their sale rack. I like body central clothes which have great quality, sales are monthly, and mixing-matching is fun. Accessories can make or break an outfit so choose wisely. This chain matched the boots MK embolem.



I love fashion because to me fashion is not just a name but a foundation. To know & understand fabrics, patterns, connect the dots to a puzzle called style, emotion, and expressing your creativity. I wear what I love not what’s in style for the moment. Remember style is created by either 1 person or a group of individuals everyday. So be your own fashion guru and you can have a following too if that’s what you choose. Thanks for reading! Comment, Share, Subscribe

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