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The July Nordstrom’s fall sale was lovely and this is the only time I’ll purchase from them. Sales Sales Sales I rarely will pay full price for anything. Honestly don’t see why you should! Anyways today was my first day wearing the converses, it’s leather, not like the normal canvas material, and these shoes are tight at the upper sides of the feet. Toe area is fine. Read reviews where others complained of the same thing and it’s due to the leather material. I love the design converse did, you can wear them w/anything, and it’s stylish for fall.

  • Converse Chuck Taylorยฎ All Starยฎ Snake Print Leather High Top Sneaker

    Color: Portrait gray

    Price: $52.90

American Eagle was having their “ALL JEANS $30” sale and I have issues finding jeans that fit..I asked my niece to come help me since were around the same size and she frequents this store. I go in find these & couple others. She tells me due to my small waist, thick thighs, in this store I’ll have to go up sizes, but they are jeggings.

Jeggings (jeans + leggings) – resemble denim jeans, feels softer than jeans, but are super stretchy.



    Price: $39.99



I tried them on expecting the worst and they fit!! They’re so comfortable, I’ll still have to choke my waist w/a belt, but at least she helped me find good pairs of jeans/jeggings to wear. For my ladies: there pants give you “breathing” room..y’all know what I mean haha ๐Ÿ™‚ I Normally shop at Delia’s which have awesome fitting jeans as well. I like the distressed (torn) look but I also have “regular-casual” jeans. When your wearing a good pair of pants, that not only make you feel good, look good, for our ladies: pants that portrait the Booty real good *WINK*. It’s worth your time & effort and you don’t mind paying. You have a better attitude and confidence.


FOR NOW: my finding the “Right” pairs of jeans..whatver you want to call them has ended lol just hopeing the quality don’t lesson over time or they stop making these styles. Ladies & Gents you know what I mean :)) It never fails when you find something that works, that you love, even food-restaurants, and all of a sudden the company discontinues the item?! Like WHYYYYY WHYYYY! Feel my pain :)) And for my shirts I get them from many different stores: Body Central, Wet Seal, Papaya, Burlington Coat Factory, Poloย (outlets in Delaware), Macy/JC Penny, etc.


Where there’s a sale, my bank account is saying “Green”, then I’ll buy. For anyone who enjoys sales as much as me here are some links to check out:

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Thank You for reading, commenting, and sharing. Chow!



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    • Thanks and sign up for Nordstroms emails so you can be notified when they have their Spring & Fall sales. Kids/Junior’s have deals that are basically steals the prices are slashed sometimes more than 50%

  1. Now those are my kind of Chuck’s! I may have to see if I can find a pair at that price still. Not to mention to go shopping at Nordstrom’s next July!

    • Yes, they also have it in the spring, sign up for their emails, and the catalogs will come to your house so you can see the preview ahead of time. I did get a credit card from them but its the one for store credits only and they also will add you onto their catalog list. These shoes do run small so since I got these at a 5 1/2, I actually went back to get a 6 1/2 due to it being leather its hard for it too stretch out fast like the normal canvas. May cause some pain in the toe area so just be careful of that if you do decide to get them. Thank You so much for reading & commenting ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I wanted them but they didn’t have my size. Lucky you ๐Ÿ™‚ currently in looking for pink & black w/white to match my shirt. I’m trying to change my style an get I to the overly large shirts that you can show your shoulder lol and looks good w/sweats.

  2. Jeggings will always be my best friend! They fit and snug so well ๐Ÿ™‚

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