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This Saturday, I had to go to Sally’s Beauty Supply to pick up some things. The manager knows me very well since I’ve graduated from American Beauty Academy in 2005. She instantly told me about the new Softsheen Carson Hydra Steam Moisturizing System. She wanted to know if I’d do a review on it. Her daughters have similar textures to my own, she wanted to know how it’ll work on me, and I told her well why not! I can’t resist new hair, nails, and lip products anyways 🙂 I took down my cornrows after we came from the movies and planned on dedicating my entire Sunday to this new system. I did some online research which lead me to the companies YouTube page and enjoyed the instructional videos by Johnny Wright, SoftSheen-Carson Artistic Style Director.


Link: SoftSheen Carson’s Hair Care System Youtube video

Link : Softsheen Carson’s Alternative Method


I purchased what they had which is steps 1-4, they didn’t have the hair oil in stock which is called :

  • The finishing oil – Lightweight, non-flaky formula that moisturizes w/o build-up, and delivers radiant shine. 100% free of drying alcohols, mineral oil, paragons, and petroleum.

Also there is another product called:

  • Refining Coil Cream– formulated w/aloe vera and has no drying alcohols. Styling cream delivers intense moisture that softens tight coils. Provides low crunchless hold and definition.


Top Left: Finishing Oil & Coil Cream Bott: My complete line and  coil cream color blue

Top Left: Finishing Oil & Coil Cream
Bott: My complete line and
coil cream color blue

  I forgot to mention in my full review video Below: that YES, this line provides your hair w/moisture and I since I purchased it I would use this line before I go to the Dominican Salon Luisa’s or when I need a moisture treatment. I would then use the “Steam Masque” from this line only. Besides that I will stick with the lovely “Moisturizing Sealing Spray”! The entire line has a lovely light smell. Wish I had this spray as I was going through my long term hair transition to natural!!


 —Please excuse me in the video I think I kept saying “Curl defining when its Curl Designing Cream” I have no clue why I was so tongue tied besides begin tired think I was overly excited to try this out 🙂



 Please do feel free to share your Comments, Twitter, Pinterest, and Utilize the Share Options. I’d love to know how this system worked for you if your going to try it.

As always Be Free. Be Creative. Be You because your worth it 🙂 Chow!



Top Left: Step 1 & Step 2 Bot. Left: Step 3 & Step 4

Top Left: Step 1 & Step 2
Bot. Left: Step 3 & Step 4

Top: Out of the dryer  Bott: Grand Finally

Top: Out of the dryer
Bott: Grand Finally

11 thoughts on “Video – SoftSheen Carson’s Hydra Steam Hair Care System

  1. Looks great! I am super jealous of your hair. I have such fine, thin hair that is limp and lifeless.

    • You can have mine, it gets very hot during the summer, and I sweat easily. Goodness & going to the beauty shop they always want to charge extra, which I understand but it takes for every sitting under the dryer. So I’m happy to have a stylist I trust, I can do it myself, but hard to do certain styles in the back. Thanks for viewing & love your comment

  2. Any naturals or people who know how to keep my hair in it’s curly states? Besides keep my hair soaking wet!! Once hair dries as you see it puffs out & by by curls lol

  3. Girl all that hair! lol. I may check that out in between my visits to get my hair done. Mine gets a bit “bushy” and I want to control it when I do my natural styles. My beautician is pregnant and taking a leave soon… this is about to be a LONG WINTER! haha

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