Maze Runner Sept 19, 2014

Dylan o’Brien better known as “Styles” from teen wolf is the main actor in this movie. Very cute guy in my eyes view 🙂 His characters name is Thomas who is overly curious, has an ADD like attitude, and is rather to smart for his own good. The entire movie is about kids being isolated from civilization and then there’s a maze. Everyone has a lack of memory to why, how, or anything to help them remeber why they’re even here. Pilar stone doors are the end all be all to each individual’s way out and their lively hood depends on the caged elevator which brings them monthly supplies. Well until Thomas came up and everything changed. Alby who is the main person in charge introduces him to the group and tells him all about their new home for 3 years “The Glades”. The runners go into the maze daily to map out new territory in hopes to find a way out before the doors close in on them.

In the movie Thomas can’t take it anymore and disobeyed rules by going into the maze to help his friends- Alby (who’s injured) and Minho who is another runner. Thomas ends up killing a griever which is a giant electronic spider, with a scorpion tail, a bee stinger, and a face like nemisis from resident evil.

  • My opinion lol

They return back to the glades after a night surviving the maze. The caged elevator comes up with a girl named Theresa, a note in her hand, and she calls out Thomas’s name. Long story short Alby almost dies from getting stung by the griever who attached him, they give him a Serum, and he starts to remeber. Thomas intentionally injects himself with the poison from the stinger and wakes up remembering everything. Thomas gathers a group of runners to go w/him into searching further for a way out in section 7 and they do. All of them corral Gally who tells them no one can leave the Glades. Thomas & co. ask others if they want to leave come if not stay. They go into the maze for the last time, end up fighting more grievers, go through a door which says exit, listen to a video from Dr. Paige in the science lab, and now understand they were an experiment. Ginea pigs for a way to help recreate a civilization that was destroyed by the sun and be resistant to disease.

  • Sounds like resident evil mixed with hunger games to me

This entire movie is basically about taking kids while they were young, putting them through tests, watch their brain functions, see how smart they are, and record their adaptability to survive. Now after they all watched the movie of the secret plan, Gally attempts to kill them by gun shot, he dies by Minho’s wooden spear thrown in the chest, and the door opens to military men dragging them into the helicopter. The main lady Dr. Paige who told them what’s been going on isn’t dead after all and says “the maze trials went better than expected, now time for phase 2, and they’ve taken the bait”. As the kids are in the helicopter thinking there being flown to safety; the movie ends.


PASS DON’T SEEon this movie just needed more of something… everyone in the theater just looked lost. Asked some people they agreed they didn’t get the movie and said must have cut parts out because it seemed unfinished.


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