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This is not necessarily a review but just me being an informant if you’ve never tried SmashBox stuff. You can find them at Ulta, Sephora, I’m sure other places but those are the only two I know. SmashBox was having a show in Columbia, MD. I only love lip wear but just decided to give it a go and let them make me over. I forgot the lovely make up artist name but she is very tall and funny. She listened to what I told her about my skin, how I don’t like wearing make up since it feels unnatural, and she said she’ll take care of me.


She gave me the “Natural Look”. As she applied different items I didn’t feel anything and she didn’t use many products at all. I love this look because I still look like me, it only enhanced certain features, and I love how my overall skin tone looks healthy w/a natural glow.

  • Products: Legendary lip gloss, Limitless lip stain, Baked Fusion Soft lights dusk, BB Cream Medium, limitless 15 hr cream shadow Riches, Black mascara



Couple months later i went to Ulta to get some more smash box lip gloss and seen Tarte Cosmetic Line was having a special.

  • Tarte Smooth Operator: Agent 14 (aka Disguised) SPF 20


Comparison Video below about Smashbox & Tarte BB Creams


Tarte compared to Smashbox BB Creams  Sorry I just noticed the video made the bottle's words backwards haha

Tarte compared to Smashbox BB Creams
Sorry I just noticed the video made the bottle’s words backwards haha

Well if you decide to try either of them you won’t go wrong and please do share your experiences I would love to know. As always Be free. Be creative. Be You because your worth!!

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