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Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics believe in using only organic fruits & veggies, quality essential oils, and ethical campaigns. Making people happy, standing up for the cause, and quality service are their main goals. Feel free to read more about them at LUSH.


I walked past Lush many times, it looks like a candy store, but once you go inside your overwhelmed by choices!! Loving that part a lot, I did my research beforehand and orginally went in to buy hair products. Curious about their skin care line, I asked an attendant about my skin concerns, and she gave me samples. Now I opted for samples because I am very very cautious at what I put on my face. I have combination skin and acne. My T-Zone is very oily thus, when it’s time to go out into the world my forehead gets super shiny. –HIGH BEAMS–



FYI – I used all of the facial products for 2 months: July-August – Sept. 16, 2014. During this time it included my “time of the month”.  This is important I share because hormones & weather play big roles on the body. Spring-Summer my face is extremely oily skin and fall – winter my face is becomes extremely dry.

 Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets 

Clean & Clear Blotting Papers

Clean & Clear Blotting Papers

Angels on Bare Skin –

  • Contains Kaolin (china clay) and lavender & more ingredients

  • Smells like oatmeal & lavender

  •  I love how it gives your skin the moisturizing – satin feel

  • Blotting papers all day long (had the high beam look) – Winter perfect, Summer not for me

  • Overall complexion healthy glow

 Dark Angels facial cleanser –

  • Contains black sugar, charcoal, & more ingredients

  • Smells like charcoal

  •  Clean feeling: w/o giving you a “tight” feel

  • Didn’t have to use blotting papers initially but still used them throughout the day (didn’t have the full high beam look) — Winter perfect, Summer not for me

  • Complexion: feeling of deep exfoliation to open pores

 Mask of Magnaminty-

  • Kaolin (china clay), peppermint oil, honey & other ingredients all used to give a deep cleaning

  • Instantly feel tingle & pore tightening

  • Weekend go to and didn’t have to use any blotting papers — All year long great for me; just time issue

  • I started out 15min which I feel wasn’t long enough, 20mins – 1hr is what benefited me

  • The tingle reactivated as I rinsed my mask off and face was mat all day!!!!

 Vanishing Cream Moisturizer-

  • Contains lavendar, grape seed, rose water, witch hazel, and other ingredients

  • Light weight, lavender smell, and a tad goes a long way

  • Moisturized after each facial wash

  • Moisturizer is geared to banish blemishes…did nothing for my acne and pore size

  • Believe this was reason for excessive use of blotting papers for Angels on bare/Dark Angles cleansers (gave me the high beam –  shiny forehead look)

  • My overall complexion is brighter and skin is softer

 Grease Lighting Spot Treatment –

  • Contains Thyme, Rosemary-Tea Tree infusion, water, and other ingredients

  • Zit Zapper basically that aids in stopping acne production at all stages

  •  Didn’t work for me during any stage of my acne growth


**Do want to add: I did see they have a tea tree water toner and this is something I would love to try. After I wash my face, I normally would use a toner, but they couldn’t give me a sample of that.


Anything you get from Lush – all store clerks will show you how much to use, demo the product, and make sure you leave w/the full understanding of your purchase. I can’t wait to use the hair products & review this next. Overall Lush intrigues me so I’ll be playing around with more stuff to come 🙂

Thanks for reading as Always be free. Be you. Be Creative because your worth it!!!

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10 thoughts on “Lush — Facial Care for Oily – Acne Skin Types

  1. I’ve never seen this line of beauty care products, but I love the concept of organic, natural ingredients! What a beauiful display too…tons of choices!

    • Yes, with tons of choices comes with you easily able to spend hours in there reading all of the labels. lol like me

  2. We have a store close to us.. we go in there from time time because they have such great and natural products!

    • Wish the absorbing sheets would come in a bigger package, starts getting pricey after a while, you know? 🙂

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