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Yesterday I received email notification by the playstation network about a new app to view live events. I immediately turned on the PS4, downloaded the app, and clicked on it to see what it was all about.

Mayweather vs Maidana 2 fight is coming on tonight so this peeked my interest when I seen the image of it on the main screen. There was an option for the UFC as well shown by the image. Below the boxing picture they showed the free preview of the premilinary fight. I watched the preliminary for a little bit to feel out the apps connection which utilizes your internet connection speed

  • I have Verizon Fios 35/35, we’re not upgrading because my boyfriend plays grand theft auto & call of duty online so he needs the upload speeds to be higher than the download. I have my own issues w/Verizon (so does my entire neighborhood w/poor connection issues) but I won’t blast Verizon on here


After seeing that the free portion ran smoothly I wondered how the actual live board cast will work. So I seen the price $64.95 and compared it to the Verizon PPV $77.99. What the Fuck! Excuse my language but I already had issues ordering fights w/Verizon and sure as hell wasn’t going to resubject myself to more pain & suffering paying more. So I purchased the fight from the app & prayed that it all goes smooth!!


8pmEST the app came on with our broadcast and we had food, drinks, snacks on deck w/surround sound up on BLAST!! Ok we got through the last fight before the main event and our internet started acting fucking shitty!! I’m talking about “BUFFERING” and the image was stuck. As I stated beforehand verizon over in my area sucks. As I’m quickly twittering “loving this app on PS4 live viewer” on my twitter page (@lilce51286). The boyfriend disconnects the router from the other tv and hard wired it to my PS4 which is located on the 2nd floor. We live in a 3 floor townhouse.

  • I was praying to the playstation God’s at this time, literally stopped breathing, paced back & forth like I was waiting on a verdict from the judge. Low and behold we tested the internet connection it was ALL GOOD!


I clicked back onto the app, they were doing the Mexican Anthem, and all tension disappeared from the air. Rounds 1-3 was a little choppy at times, not due to the app, but it was our internet connection. Choppy meaning it paused a bit and then you seen the tv fast forward to catch up to what was happening live. Yes I know that live events will cause this issue. Due to server overload but this is a normal occurrence even when my boyfriend plays his video games. We’ve had verizon techs come out and all of them say the same “nothing we can do and upgrading won’t fix the issue since it’s an actual connection issue in this area”. So playing online Call of Duty you’ll get major lagg etc.

  • I love the app, pretty sure I’ll be using this hardwired for any other fights, and on Twitter I was asked the name of the PS4 app too. We enjoyed the fight thanks to the app coming in my email in time and playstation network releasing it. Clear image quality, ease of purchasing via paypal etc, there’s a timeline that shows current events, and your personal events that you’ve purchased. Keeps a history and the overall app is just easy to use.

If you have a playstation check out the app and hope you enjoyed this review.


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