Hairfinity Oct.2012 – Sept. 2014

Preface: As I discussed in my first hair post about my transition to natural: This is an aid in between stages and how I grew my hair to MBL (Mid back length). For details please refer to this link here to read the background history πŸ™‚

Good Morning Loves,

Long a waited review for my hair journey that all started from a 6mth Facebook challenge using hairfinity.


October 2012: before I purchased I researched this on YouTube/reviews. Well here it goes..I used the coupon code from the challenge and purchased my first ever 6 month supply of the vitamins. I’ve never heard of Hairfinity, I only used biotin or the hair-nail-skin supplements. These vitamins are capsules and not as big as one a day vitamins if you’ve tried them. I actually started taking them in the morning after breakfast while I’m at work. Some ingredients:
Vitamins A – 163%
Vitamin C – 167%
Biotin – 833%
Vitamin B6- 250%
That’s not everything but you get the picture. A multi vitamin with tripled doses or more. Not really seeing the use of me to continue my women’s one a days but will see. Your body will only absorb what it needs and rid the rest.

  • 2 week symptoms check in: kept having an itchy scalp & mini acne flare ups. I didn’t think anything of it became this is the same thing that happened to me when I use to take Biotin. After a month all symptoms dissipated.

This day I had a hair appointment at Hair Weaves & Extensions Salon (Baltimore, MD) to get my hair deep conditioned, ends trimmed, and put into a Fish-scale.
Fish-scale is a french braid that is lifted at the roots to assimilate the appearance of “scales”.
Asked my stylist to take a pic of my length for me as my Hairfinity start pic. Hair is above bra strap length but below arm pit.

Dec. 2012- I kept my hair in buns, I didn’t have the money right away to get my weave put in, and here is a pic of me taking down my hair from a large braid as a protective style.

Feb 2013 – I went to the LuisaΒ Dominican salon, got a straight blowout, and decided to do a length check. Wow this is amazing my hair’s health has changed: less dandruff, thicker, my texture is still the same, but when you pull my hair it won’t break off in your hands like it used too. At this point I stopped using my One-A-Day vitamins & only used Hairfinity. I’m still at above bra strap but I’ve made progress. If I pulled my hair in this pic it would of touched the strap a bit more.


  • Only have 1 more bottle left so this month I ordered another 6 Mth supply. They vitamins come fast in the mail!!

Mar – May 11, 2013: partial weave and End of Facebook 6 mth challenge but after seeing these results I’ve decided to do my own 1 year challenge.

May 12, 2013- Today I’m having the weave taken down and going back to my normal cornrow routine spring-summer. This point my stylist has been asking what I’ve been doing because the condition of my hair as she took my weave out was one of being very strong, as if I’ve used protein treatments, no splits, and there was a shine to it. Scalp is very healthy w/a lack of dandruff buildup. I told her I’m still on the Hairfinity vitamins and have no symptoms. So why not go and see what 1 year will do.



Aug 12, 2013 – my dads birthday my mom helped me to blow dry my hair and I did a mini photo shoot πŸ™‚ I love my hair like this but it’s hard to maintain. I’m still in the last bit of my transition at this point and everyone wants me to cut my ends but I keep saying “No”! At this point I’m bra strap length (BSL) YES! YES!


October 2013 – 1yr ANNIVERSARY on Hairfinity vitamins. Here you’ll see I’m full bra strap – going slightly past the bottom of the bra strap length now. OMG, I never came this far before! Looking back I’ve always grazed APL (arm pit length) but doing research on YouTube & my own experiments I’ve learned. Length retention is about moisture balance, keeping the scalp clean of build up, protective styles ie. cornrows, buns, weaves etc, and vitamins w/proper diet helps. I reordered my normal 6mth supply since being on their mailing list you get coupon codes & it’s in my college budget :). I now take my vitamins at night after dinner because I kept forgetting during the day if I skip breakfast and naturally the bottle is in my bathroom. So I automatically remembered to take them at night. I never missed a dose to clear that up :)!! Luisa’s Dominican salon straight blow out style


Nov 2013 – I got my partial weave put it. I’m still in college so this helps me be on the go.

Dec Feb. 2014 – My dad went into the hospital, he passed in Feb, and during these months I stopped taking hairfinity, eating normally, and was in deep depression. πŸ™Β I had my weave taken down and just bunned the entire time. Graduated college but this wasn’t a happy time for me.


May 2014 – I started coming out of my rock, started retaking Hairfinity, and want to the salon for a low maintenance style: double strand single twists. Looking back on my 3 Mth gap & being stressed, not taking Hairfinity didn’t hinder any growth. I didn’t have any symptoms starting up again and it actually seemed as if my body’s cell memory just picked back up where I left off. Meaning my body didn’t know any difference internally or externally. I’m thankful because my goal is to be waist length (WL) and not having set backs is a plus!


July 2014- I’m a couple months shy of my own natural hair anniversary which is in August. But here I decided to take a pic of my hair after it’s air dried before I go to get my hair done in a curly Mohawk πŸ™‚ the condition of my scalp changed slightly which has nothing to do with the Hairfinity but since I’ve been stressed out my dandruff has flared back up really bad. My hair strands are naturally dry but the overall strength has gotten better than when it was in 2013!


August 2014 (Transition Ended)- I’m 100% natural it’s my hair Anniversay, the long term transition is over and I’m at MBL (mid back length). Never would of thought hair vitamins would be of so much help and I use Hairfinity as my overall multi vitamins.


Sept 1, 2014 (Labor day)- coming home after getting my hair braided and just showing length of my hair while in braids. So here you can really get a good look at how long my hair will be once I get it blown straight via Dominican salon when it gets cooler. Say October sometime but we’re going by Mother Nature since the weather is acting weird and it’s very warm in September now. Currently I’m 1/2 way finished my opened bottle and only have 1 more bottle remaining before I have to reorder…I’ll have to scrap up money from somewhere to order again but will see. If not then this was an eye opening ride & a big learning experience

Thank you,Β Hairfinity for this product Β & experience. I’ve done research in Oct.2013 on YouTube/blogs about the side effects a lot of people had using this and they had to stop. For me like everything everyone’s body is different and luckily this just worked for me. Hoping I reach my goal of Waist length and once I’m there the skies the limit πŸ™‚

Thank you all for reading Chow!


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Luisa Dominican Salon – Columbia, MD the one I go to


27 thoughts on “Hairfinity Oct.2012 – Sept. 2014

  1. Wow! It’s great to go with you on this journey to natural hair growth. Your photos show the impressive results! And, of course, I’m sorry to hear about your Dad. <3

    • Oh thank you I was hoping it would be like everyone was there w/me and yes I just take it day by day πŸ™‚ thanks for reading

  2. It’s great you’re getting results. I always love people’s natural hair. I used to straighten mine all the time, but I like it better now that I wear it naturally. I love seeing pictures.

    • Ugh wish they had stuff like that here in maryland πŸ™ miss everything lol thanks For sharing

  3. Beautiful hair! I’m glad the supplements worked for you, and sorry about your dad passing.

  4. I loved reading about your hair journey. It’s got me really thinking about trying the vitatmins, my hair/scalp condition has really gone down hill the last year or so.

    • Aww glad I can help. Well at least you can stay cool πŸ™‚ I sweat easily and having lots of hair is hot!

  5. Awesome results, sadly i have to wait naturally, I don’t do too well when taking supplements or any sorts of things like that. (Not even vitamins)

    • I understand completely I’m like that with birth control but I prayed & my body got used to the patch. Prior I was sick as a dog from diff forms of birth control. Something’s aren’t meant for everyone and even with the patch it’s still giving me some bad side effects. We do what we gotta :)) thanks for reading

    • Awww thank you and I was so hoping that it would be like a journey. Mission Accomplished πŸ™‚ Thank You for taking your time to follow me

  6. Wow, this was a great read. I am not good with remembering to take pills but looking at your post I may give it a try. My hair need some help too.

    • Me either I put the pill bottle right next to my toothbrush holder so I can see it and I still forget to take them. So I now take them with me to work, in my section there’s older women who take medicine in the mooring, they call it “Pill Time”, and so I take it when they yell “Pill Time”. So now I can remember, try 1 bottle, its on their website, and so you won’t waste your money if you don’t like it.

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