64- Deeksha Process

Today is the day I’ll be engaging in the 64-Deeksha process.


  • Deeksha (Oneness Blessing) – is a process for initiating awakening by transferring Divine energy via the laying on of hands gently on the top of your head or via Eyes called Nayana Deeksha. The deeksha process works by creating a neurobiological shift in the brain and awakening the energy centres (Chakras) in the body. This shift in consciousness frees you from the suffering created by the mind, balances the body’s natural healthy and healing energies and attunes the brain with the fields of unity, bringing an end to the illusion of “apparent separation”. Once initiated, it is a gradual Awakening process that leads you naturally to a lasting state of Oneness, Inner peace, and Well-being. Founders are Sri Amma & Sri Bhagavan & Sri Krishna

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I’ve been initiated as a blessing giver in 2010 at the Unity Church in Washington, DC. Here in Towson, MD the weather is warm, sunny, clear skies, and a lot of new people to befriend. The 2 lovely women facilitating are: Tracy & MaryAnne. In the room here with other like minded souls, the atmosphere is not one of peace oddly, but one of intention/motive. They set up a beautiful alter for everyone to contribute to. I drew my own picture of the Angel but left it in the car :(.

For Sri AmmaBhagavan alter

For Sri AmmaBhagavan alter


 Vegetarian meals are being offered as we go through the 8 rounds of 64 total blessings. Crazy right…well let’s hope it stays organized haha. I didn’t take any pictures of the process out of respect.

We started w/the Arti which is saying the moola mantra to praise Sri Amma Bhagavan.

  • Moola Mantra – is a vedic mantra given to us by Amma * Bhagavan infusing it with divine power, to not only invoke their energy, but that of God (Creator). This mantra awakes the divine presence in your heart and like a prayer calling for aid in your life. If you believe it. You can experience deep states of inner peace, joy, and heightened awareness.

Moola Mantra Video  and Moola Mantra Meaning 


The live stream mediation didn’t work mainly due to the overload of the server. So many people get on the live stream to meditate with Sri Bhagavan that it’s nearly impossible for the live cast to run smoothly but at least we got to see him! Then the kundalini rising w/breathing alterations…okay this was my first time doing this and it’s WEIRD!! Breathe in quick, exhale faster, and continue up the chakras wow. Talk about light headed! Then we split into 3 groups: 2 sets of the groups had 6 people and 1 group had only 5 people. So here comes the math 🙂 For the groups of 6 in order to complete the 64 blessings, 2 people would have to go again 2 more times. For the group of 5 people they would have to go 3 extra times and will have completed 64 total.


We alternated to make sure we all had different experiences w/everyone and then some groups got side tracked. Time was evading us, so the team leaders came up with a new plan, and instead of 30 second blessings. We all switched to 20 second blessings in order to get back on track.
We are on the 16th floor with such a lovely view and were now seeing the storm roll in. During round 6 we started to hear the roaring of thunder, anticipation started to fill the air to get done, and time was of the essence. Giving blessings I felt heat as always flow from my hands to the person but this time I felt a different type of inner peace. I haven’t done hands on healing in a while for reasons spirit lead me to learn things in a new way but this feeling I had today while giving was one of just pure gratitude/remembrance. Receiving blessings always keeps my mind quiet but I didn’t have any new feelings or sensations.


Overall it was a nice experience, Deeksha as well as any spiritual journey is a process. Some had an instant physical reaction (crying, laughing, hunger, exhaustion) and others (like myself) gained changes (hidden to the naked eye)on different levels -subtle. Everybody has there own process special to them, no one will be the same, and you will receive in the way that is right for you.  All spiritual teaches say “Take care of yourself during this time”. It’s true as Deeksha works on many levels. After we finished, we all sang the moola mantra, gave thanks, and said our goodbyes. Now I understand the reason for my intuitive sense I got in the beginning walking into the rooms atmosphere.


My boyfriend picked me up so we can get some food but as I’m in the car writing the remainder of my experience, I was left with deep calm similar to the effect of when you hold a newborn baby in your arms for the first time, and watch the baby sleep. Yeah I know every spiritual event is focused on a ascending consciousness to make the world a better place. Sounds exactly like what all of the “Beauty Pagent” contestants say but it’s true. This planet has been here before us and will continue. So let’s upgrade our mindsets to be more like kids. Everything to them is a new exciting adventure. Life to them is a playground: they fall down – they get back up, they get mad at someone , and then a little bit later go back to playing with them. Their parents are their guides. For us it’s our Faith. Whether you believe it or not; ask for help and be prepared for the signs to show.


Click here too: Experience Deeksha Here from the Live Webcast


Sri Murthi of  Sri Bhagavan (left) Sri Amma (right)

Sri Murthi of
Sri Bhagavan (left)
Sri Amma (right)


Thanks for reading & enjoying as always: Comment. Critique. Subscribe. Until next time Chow!

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