What are Pre-Shampoo treatments – Why waste your money

My mom used to use V05 hair oil, run back & forth to reheat the towel that was wrapped around my head, and then proceeds to shampoo after the oil sat for 30 minutes. As I got older we stopped the hot oil and a couple years back as I was transitioning from relaxed to natural I rekindled this flame by looking at YouTube videos. Started making my own pre-shampoo treatment to help me be able to manage the two textures. Having to textures was difficult to comb, hair wouldn’t hold onto moisture, couldn’t find styles that is work presentable, frustration, and my hair just looked horrible. I stopped doing pre-shampoo treatments due to my water bill going up. It just took too long for all the hair I have to shampoo, so I’ve been going to the beauty salon, and I actually forgot all about pre shampoo treatments.

When I took my trip to LUSH all I seen were pre-shampoo treatments and this was the reason for me wanting to revisit this.


What the HELL is a pre-shampoo treatment and why waste my time you ask??

Pre-Shampoo Treatments aka Pre-Poo: you will use before you shampoo and allow the product to sit on the hair for 15-30 minutes or longer if you have time. This is done to condition the hair as well as protect the hair from being stripped by sulfate shampoos (most shampoos that lather). There many different types of ingredients you can use in your own house to make homemade pre shampoo treatments:

  • • Egg

  • • Honey

  • • Coconut oil

  • • Vo5, assorted hair oils i.e. Jojoba, olive oil, etc.

  • • Coconut milk

  • Henna

  • • Aloe Vera juice

But your wasting your time when you’re going to shampoo it all out you say: I used to think this until I tried it out myself as I was going through my hair transition that extra moisture really helps. Think of it like this: the pre-poos coat the hair before shampooing, that way as you shampoo your hair will not be as dry/frizzy, stripped, and you won’t have to use another deep conditioner once your finished. Then you can use your regular rinse out conditioners for any lost moisture and you’ll see the end results are shiny, soft, moisturized and manageable hair.

Do you have to use a pre-shampoo treatment? Is it beneficial?

  • • It all depends on the reason your considering doing these extra steps, remember the reason I stopped was due to my water bill, I forgot about it (not that conventional to do pre shampoo treatments at a salon) but mind you I have almost waist length hair. Anything I do will cost me extra water usage and time.

  • • Reason I’m reconsidering is since now that I’m 100% natural my hair is dry naturally, low porosity (my hair will not hold moisture easily) so I need extra moisture. I do my best to do this every shampoo, since its convenient, I notice my hair absorbing the product more while I apply it to dry hair, and I won’t have to add another deep conditioner at the end of the entire process. Its actually quicker for me when I do this and all I’ll have to do is go to the salon to get styled or style my own hair.

Here is my simple VIDEO LINK homemade pre-shampoo treatment recipe I’ve used all during my hair transition and the end result is really soft manageable easily to comb hair. The reason I use these ingredients are the fact I can buy these in bulk, I always have them on hand, and…

Honey: humectant, which helps to attract moisture to the hair, contains vitamins/minerals, and is antibacterial.
Coconut Oil – is not only antibacterial, helps with moisture issues, but has healthy fatty acids- lauric & capric acids to help improve scalp problems.


  • • If you have a hooded dryer (if not skip this part) use your own body heat

  • • Bowl  or measuring cup (microwave safe)

  • • Spoon

  • • Honey – any brand

  • • Towel/shower cap (throw away kind)

  • • Gloves (if you don’t like getting your hands messy)

  • • Coconut oil or any oil of your choice – any brand

  1. Pour enough honey/coconut oil in the bowl or measuring cup for your length of hair (sorry for not measuring)

  2. Heat it up in the microwave for a very short time just to get the coconut oil liquid

  3. Stir a bit w/the spoon, that way it’ll be easily spread throughout the hair

  4. Section hair into 4 large parts, drape the towel around my neck, have my gloves on, and simply apply. For me: since its in a measuring cup I simply pour it onto my sections and hold my head over the sink gently massaging it in w/bare hands

  5. Put on my shower cap to keep it from dripping

Sit under a hooded dryer for 15 minutes, which helps it all absorb faster or walk around the house doing chores for 20 minutes, and even sit an watch TV for 20 minutes. Depends on how much time you keep it on for longer.

Once 15-20 minutes are up: simply shampoo it all out, condition, and then proceed to style. I rarely need to deep condition after this but I have before on occasions.

Aftermath: I notice that my hair is not only soft but also easily able to be gently combed out. If you have the time go ahead and give it a try. It won’t hurt anything and also the above recipe is what I’ll also use for my deep conditioners if I don’t do a pre-shampoo treatment. Very versitle 🙂

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