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Hey Y’all, Here is another cool review I enjoyed doing and it has to do w/healing…the non-conventional way. Enjoy!


Bio: Ted Winslow, is a Sound Healing musician but…in a non-traditional way. Ted incorporates his SoundSyncTechTM a customized brainwave technology along with the tunings of the Sacred Solfeggio Frequencies incorporating binaural beats, numerology, sacred geometry, and specialized tunings. Ted takes the listener on a spiritual healing journey that can be used every day to bring themselves back to a state of relaxation and oneness.

This is a great way to rid the body from negative energies we might be subjected to everyday. This is not just your typical strumming of a guitar, ringing a crystal bowl or chanting with a medicine drum. Ted uses a few of the forgotten sacred tunings and plays a multitude of sound healing instruments. He incorporates Theta frequencies so that we can allow the mind to travel in between conscious and subconscious by listening and focusing on the music.

Ted’s music is beneficial to Yoga Practices, Meditation, making contact with higher dimensional beings or just to relax. Ted has proven his music can decrease stress levels, energetically open & align you while increasing your energy – all by listening to ONE SONG! Ted Winslow is dedicated to raising consciousness to contribute to a better world and a better life.
For More Information, please visit:
Ted Winslow

Twitter: @tedwinslow


My Personal Journey & Review

July 18, 2016 – I was listening to a podcast from the Starseed Radio Academy on BlogTalkRadio featuring Ted Winslow & Angelic Sound healing. (Click the link for the interview) Anything having to do with Angels & Nature; I’m sold. I was enjoying the information given, although I’ve heard of binaural sounds before from my earlier studies of Edgar Cayce while in Virgina Beach, and visited his institute. Hemi-Sync was very popular then and it’s actually similar to what Ted Winslow was referring to so I was intrigued and decided to check out his website. I’m a YouTuber so I checked to see if I could get samples of his work and listen as I cleaned my house. Below I have the song embedded into this post. I love this particular song so much that I felt it through my whole body and started playing it daily as I cleaned my house for about a week. It gave me feelings of inner peace, upliftment, and energy. Around this time I was preparing to go to Alaska, so I wasn’t consistent w/listening anymore as it got closer to the end of July; which we took flight.

August 1, 2016 – We came back and things were just a mess at work/home and I needed to feel that peace/inner faith again. Like I felt while in Korea and Alaska. I rembered the YouTube link Dance with the dragon flies and played it as I soaked in the tub. Boy, was I instantly transported back to my inner calm and I could hear/feel my inner guidance. You know when you get stressed out, you start to seek outside help, to bring youself back to yourself, and thus, began my constant month of listening to almost every video Ted had on his YouTube page. I ended up purchasing the 2 albums called: Solfeggio Healing Frequencies with the Fairies and Angelic Sound Healing with Binaural Beats. These were my August go to albums, where I listened 2 times a day, and actually started craving more. So I did more research into seeing what other videos I could find. I noticed some of the frequencies my ears/body just don’t like nor reasonate with and I moved right on back to my favorites. During this time my dreams included Angel numbers where it gave me confirmation on what I was asking during prayer. My plants & ferret seem to like the music I chose and I slowly began to worry less.
September -I started going back into doing forgives work & self love. Meaning the same amount of effort as I give to others so freely, in prayer I was lead to return all of that back to my own self, and so I can be balanced. We give so much to others and forget that we need to give that same amount back to ourselves or we start to feel lack/drained. How odd while checking my email, I was gifted an album called: Love & Gratitude Solfeggio Frequencies by Ted Winslow. I started listening to all of the songs and found my favorites. Those couple of songs along w/the other 2 albums: before bed I would be guided into which ones to listen to and have dreams full of answers.

  • Sept.1, 2016 -I took some time off from the music to see if it was me making it up or I really did vibe with this.

Sept. 13,2016 – I’m just now writing this review because I wanted to be thorough. I will say overall, the music did help me during stressful times. I’m thankful to have listened to the initial podcast and will go back when guided to listen to the albums again. I love the music an would recommend anyone to at least have 1 album in your iPod. Rainy days aren’t so gloomy & when your stressed I definitely will say it brings you back to your awareness. Thanks for allowing me to share & enjoy in this gift❤️
Sample of one of my favorites from his album: Solfeggio Healing Frequencies with the Fairies

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