Adventure Bound – Tracy Arms Glacier Boat Tour

Tracy Arm -Adventure Bound Alaska 

76 Egan Dr # 110, Juneau, AK · 99801-1775
Phone: (907) 463-2509

45 miles south of Juneau, Tracy Arm a classic fjord thats a must see which includes mountains, waterfalls, wildlife, glaciers, icebergs, a wealth of knowledge, plenty of laughs, and good old memories that you’ll never forget.
Onto the review:

Okay..we were kind of late due to us trying to figure out where to find the boat. It was 15 minutes before boarding so it’s not bad but we do want good seats. Boat tour sets off @7:45am. I asked a gentleman who kindly showed me the way and we raced to the lower docks and hopped on the little boat. Such lovely people were already on board and it was quit intimate in how much outside time we got to take photos/chat/Captain Steve shared a vast array of his knowledge of the lands. It drizzled a bit like it always does in Juneau but that didn’t take away from us standing outside on the boats outer deck area. Wow what amazing views, the crisp cold air hitting your face, but the amazement, that at anytime an orca could jump out, and there’s the money shot. We stopped a couple times due to the captain knowing where the orcas like to play around and we seen a lot of them. Since we knew this was a long boat ride many fellow boat mates brought bagged lunches, you could opt for on board food prepared by the deckhands (prices are between $2-8) ranging from snacks-sandwiches-hot drinks, and boy did the hot chocolate feel like the 1st wonder of the world, and you pay in cash at the end of the trip. We went past many icebergs of different sizes, shapes, colors, and the closer we got to South Sawyer the colder it got.


Oh, so many beautiful water falls, the captain took us right up to one of them, and we got to touch the waters of life as he called it. Shoot I splashed as much as I could on to me ha ha  need all the help I can get! 😜 Then onto more beautiful I go wishing I had a Nikon w/an extended lense but iPhone will do what it must. South Sawyer was beautiful in that we couldn’t get to close due to the massive amounts of broken ice chunks floating in the waters. North Sawyer is cold cold cold but here we can get as close as we want. And boy, what a site to behold; gourgeous colors, massive size, and then you hear these thunderous loud sounds coming from the skies above. Or so we thought from the skies above but it was actually the glacier preparing to calve off (break apart). And when it did OMG all the little pieces floated right to us and one of the lovely deckhands scooped some on board. There was a big after wave as well and we had to hold on.

-Eureka I found a big diamond —

Well at least that’s what I thought as I picked up a nice piece of calves ice; an held it to the air with a big smile. After we watched the ice calve off, we turned about to get a better view of the rocks, nature at its finest, and just be. The nice thing about being on a boat is that you get a multi perspective view on life. How you fit in it, the soothing rocking of the water puts you into a tranquil state and your more clear & focused on where you are in the present moment. This is an all day trip literally as I looked at the clock and it was nearing 3pm. We headed back the way we came, stopped by more spectacular waterfalls, tall rocks, we seen a black bear on the edge of the water banks, and he decided to run back up the rocks into the trees. We passed an iceburg that looked like a dragon and the color blue was phenomenal. Riding back up we stopped to see a pod of Orca’s, humback whale made an appearance, couple seals sat on the ice, and then jumped back in the water. The time now was around 6pm and we have a long boat ride back to Marine Dock. This is a trip to be had if you want an inclusive boating experience and get your monies worth.

Thanks for having us. As this is an experience we’ll never forget.

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