Cooper Hawk’s Winery & Restaraunt

Hey everyone!! I’ve taken time off to travel, get myself reorganized, and explore oppurtunities. I’m happy to be back! I have a new just opened restaurant for you; if you live in the Annapolis, Maryland area. Actually this particular restaurant has already been opened in multiple locations including:









Cooper Hawk’s Winery & Restaraunt  opened in 2005 in Orland Park, a south suburb of Chicago. Creating a signature menu with a selection of dishes designed to pair perfectly with their our own wines, made in there own private winery. The Cooper’s Hawk concept includes four distinct components: an upscale casual dining restaurant, full-service bar, private barrel-aging room, and Napa-style tasting room and retail gift store…all under one roof. Each Cooper’s Hawk location is distinctive in layout and décor, but carries the same warmth and elegance.

The experience 

You walk into the retail area located on the 1st floor. There’s a long bar area for free wine tastings, you can purchase wine, decanters, wine stoppers, and more.

2nd Floor Elevator – Main Dining area

Once the elevator door opens your greeted by beautiful staff members, extending there hands out w/a platter filled with the complimentary wine of the month. May’s wine of the month was Rose’ and it’s slightly sweet, with a tang, smooth, and has a floral scent. You take your glass, walk over to the hostess check in area, and prepare to be seated. The main dining area has an open concept, high ceilings showing wood beams, and you see beautifully carved wine barrels. It’s a warming environment encouraging you to TRY IT ALL!! Your waiter or waitress introduces you to Cooper Hawk’s establishment and brings out unlimited complimentary pretzel bread w/warm butter.

…need I say more?! Along side unlimited tastings of anything on the wine list. Wow, we took advantage of both! Take a look below 

Sometimes you just have to take advantage of the unlimited/complimentary system 😋
We ordered 2 appetizers including flatbread and tostada. Thinking the appetizers would be small, we decided on a bottle of wine, and I chose the “ROMANCE RED“. It’s a sweet red, soft floral grape scent, smooth, and moreso a dessert wine in my opinion. DELICIOUS!! 

I have to be honest for the main reason I wanted to come to this restaurant was due to there unusual wine decanter (sold in their retails stores & online $179). I’m a wine enthusiast and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to ask my waiter about it. When you purchase a bottle of wine, they bring out this amazing decanter, and it’s a masterpiece all on its own (Hint: I bought one for myself at the end of the day).


​Isn’t this a thing of Beauty and I couldn’t stop smiling at its magnificents. There’s a glass ball that is filled with a small amount of water. The wine is poured over the glass ball, which allows the molecules to except oxygen, which helps the aeration process, heightening the flavors/scent, and then funneling the wine into a cylinder of goodness. You slide your cup onto the granite slab and press down to enjoy the wines perfection.

Our appetizers came out.. I must say the portions we’re shocking. We thought the appetizers would be small. Boy were we wrong and I’m happy about it! Don’t worry you get your monies worth and it all made fresh. Which is a good thing because you don’t want frozen, premade, or a lack of flavor. Both appetizers excited the tastebuds and just overall tasty. 

The Menu

Is a mixture of American, Latin, seafood, comfort food, and there own creations. I actually enjoy the fact each food item has a Bin number beside it which correlates to a specific wine to be pared. Takes all the guess work out of it 😋

We started getting full from all the amazing complimentary bread and wine. We gave our appetizers a break for now and decided to order our main courses. We ordered the Crab cake and short rib risotto. Once again big portions, full of flavor, very rich tasting, and will not let you down. We instantly got full and decide to have our meal boxed to go. Finishing the bottle of wine, we turned the wine into dessert, and left dinner happy. The prices are very good and again you get your monies worth for sure. 

We headed back to the elevator for the retail area purchased the same decanter from dinner. And another bottle of the Romance Red. Here they will offer you a membership to their wine club; which you can also sign up for online. It’s a option to take up if your close to the area or enjoy wine very often. 


This restaraunt is a great place for dates, causal lunches, to learn new wines in the area or whatver. I’ll definitely be coming back for different occasions and just because I really enjoyed the wine/food. If you try this place out feel free to let me know how it went 
Thanks everyone and enjoy😎


Cooper Hawk’s Winery & Restaraunt 

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