Passion is all in the Blood

I took a break from doing reviews due to life and like always the beginning of the year never fails me. My new set of goals, reflections, and changes arrive from my soul and into my brain. Startrek type stuff ,as I sleep, yeah beam me up. These goals are what I call my pin points. It feels like when your moving your next piece on a chess board. You know your end goal is to win, there’s so many variables, but your main goal is to always make the best choice during that time.This year: is all about traveling, yes traveling, twice a year, and this passion is so deep within me that my blood gets warm when I think of it. In April I’ll be going to South Korea, I’m so happy about this, and possibly to Washington State or Arizona later on this fall.Ā Beginning of next year I’ll be going to New Zealand!!

Before I hopped in the shower, I decided to turn on this weeks flow dreaming podcast called Hiding, or Ready to be Seen? This episode helped me to realize my intuition & guidance is leading me to something bigger. All of the questions Summer (the host of flow dreaming) asked was: Why do I stand in my own way? Why don’t I want to be seen? Why am I making excuses that hinder my divine guidance? As I was showering; all the answers came flying out my mouth, and I was astonshided at how/why I was stopping myself from becoming who I am. I didn’t receive this divine guidance to see the world because I want to be like the Jones’s or to say “hey I been on a cruise too!” NO! This is the next chapter in my life that I have to go through in order to accomplish my next mission and to bring in a new sense of life. You know when you have life events that stop you in your tracks and make you say “Why? Why do I even bother? Shit never goes right, I wake up: go to work, eat, sleep, take care of my family, and do it all over again. Bill, Bills, Bills and life passes me by. Wish I was rich! Should of, could of, would of”. Your not saying taking care of your family is wrong but your starting to feel like you want more..whatever “more” is and your not sure where to look or even if you can seek out this annoying feeling. Yep, all that and you just don’t bother to do what’s bugging you deep down inside because you feel it’ll

  1. Be a waste of time
  2. How can what I really want to do for work make ME any money
  3. It’s a childish dream
  4. No one would care because I’m not popular
  5. No one will do it with me
  6. I don’t have the time or means
  7. I’m scared, old, or it’s too late

Blah blah blah and so on. Well I figured I’m going to “Stand Firm In What I Want” and God, Universe, whatever will help me in doing the rest. Remember I’m still in the shower listening to this, as my heart is literally racing fast, and I’m starting to get filled with this excitement. Thank goodness no one was home to see me in the shower laughing, jumping, and just happy out of no where. All of it made since to me about why these new set of goals means so much to me. No matter what I do I just can’t shake this feeling. I thought it would be foolish to just say I’m going to travel, forget saving money for just in case, but it’s more than that. This is who I am now- I am a traveler, an experiencer, a person who feels free to be who they are in any form of emotional state, and to be humble in knowing I am backed by what I believe is an inner calling. Wow, all this before I’m 30 years old. I finally got out the shower and decided to start the planning process of how much to set aside, time frames, and bask in this “a ha” realization.. should of “had a V8” moment. Then my mind kicked in and tried to calculate how much water I just used. Yes, my mind goes their, it always does, I’ve just learned how to come to grips with the way I think, and deal with it. Either way I’m going with or without someone because I’m not letting some of those “numbered points” stop me on divine guidance.

Do you ever feel this way? What’s really stopping you? You have children, a husband, a dog, a home, bills, and etc. Well I have no kids, I have a house, bills, student loans, car, pet, boyfriend, and the list continues. But what we’re not saying or focusing on is what makes you happy? It doesn’t have to be traveling by any means. What I’m saying is take time to sit and really ask yourself what brings you fulfillment, joy, internal excitement, and makes you want to keep going in your life? What have you done for yourself lately? Just like the airplane analogy: when there’s turbulence the flight attendant tells everyone to put YOUR mask on FIRST. Then proceed to help others. Have you taken the time to understand why? Well do it. We came in this world I believe to share our love, passions, knowledge, with others and to also grow as individuals. You can’t take care of others if your tank is empty or your at wits end stressing out constantly. Trust me I know this feeling all to well!!

Animals, gardening brings me utter joy, eating oh my goodness, eating brings me so much happiness it should be a crime, but being in a relationship with someone is one of my most important attributes that brings me joy. In order for me to be the best girlfriend, wife, mother, friend; I must acquire all of those attributes in myself FIRST. So, this is exactly what I’m going to do. I’m going to follow my passion, explore, stand firm in my becomings, not stand in my own way w/endless excuses, and just go with the damn FLOW. We made the “famous” people famous by showing up or entertaining what they had to offer. WE DID THIS. So why can’t I make my own self “famous” by entertaining my own passionate ideas that could land me other opportunities & share it with the world as I go through them? I can, i am, and I will do this. Share in this joy with me. Don’t you want to feel alive again? Feel like a kid again, feel loved/moved or just try something new? Start small: take a walk, buy your self a nice piece of forbidden chocolate, enjoy a fresh cup of expensive brewed coffee, get a new haircut, go on a girls night, you/your significant other go on a weekend trip somewhere for some R&R. Or go deeper on a creative level: draw, paint, sing, knit, or learn to ride a bike. Who are you under all that “other” STUFF? Passion is deeper than we know. Its in your veins, an internal gauge that lets you know your awake, it moves you to be better, to make decisions, to bring in something powerful, whether you think it’s dumb..that part inside you wouldn’t give you this intuitive since if it wasn’t suppose to be there. Sometimes passion is even a feeling to guide you into making not so fun choices like: leaving a relationship, a new job, moving away, making tough decisions that are life/death, or just being honest w/yourself. Remember & trust your never alone. Everyone has gone through something similar, intuition never leads people wrong, it’s just in the way your interrupting it, and that’s why clarification is needed. Keep an open heart, pray if you do, or seek trustworthy outside advice (SEE Links below for people I seek for help/trust). Don’t let your passions pass you buy-start now-why not! We’re only here on this Earth for a certain amount of time and let’s make the most out of it. Don’t let fear get in the way of livingšŸ˜Ž

Love you All & *Stand Firm In What You Want*


Summer McStravick -Flow Dreaming

Christina Lunden – The Creator Mediator

Venus Andrecht – Clarifying Counsleor/Mojo



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