Waking up in the New York Jungle

With all the hustle and bustle of life in New York City we decided to do a girls trip over the Columbus Holiday weekend. Celebrating birthdays, enjoying the night life, eating, and walking. Let me repeat walking and a whole lot of it. Comi Con was this weekend also. I was expecting to see more but there really weren’t many people dressed up at all. The normal childhood Disney characters were there begging for tips after you take a picture. You learned real quick just take a picture of them from afar. Baltimore comi-con people take it very seriously. Comic book, anime, you name it; it comes to life in full force. You can’t walk around downtown Baltimore inner harbor area w/o getting poked by a katana sword or have your leg rubbed by someone’s anime character tail. I love seeing the costumes but didn’t see much of it at all here in Times Square. 

Living in the Baltimore metro area, we commute via car, and mostly reside on the highway. Well in a New York State of mind: it’s all about the physical commute by either walking or public transit. I enjoy walking, emercing myself w/the people, Manhattan is pretty big, and the fashions are pretty similar to Baltimore. I seen leggings worn w/crop tops, puffy coats, button ups, and regular casual tops.  Skirts mixed w/jackets, and boots. For hair: the color family of purples~lavenders  was highly in sought after. We seen so many people w/different shades of purple hair.  Sneakers & flats are top priority here. When we ordered an uber, car drivers galore enjoyed honking/resorting to holding down on the horns. I swear “The Mighty Horn” is a way of communication in this city. All hours of the day you hear nonstop horns!! I wasn’t impressed w/Time Square not sure what I had in mind but what I saw wasn’t it. Time Scare haunted house was the best, the owners spared no expense, it was amazing, and a must see. Of course the lounge at the end was amazing and I got my first taste of Absienth. Nothing happend! I expected to be put on a “Horizontal” slant as I walked but no. Nothing!! Absienth stinks and it’s actually weak…or maybe I’m just an alcoholic. Who knows..

New York cops are very attractive 😉 I see why crime is so high here . I noticed there accents but I’m not interested in accents it does nothing for me. I ignore it. 

For the night life: like any city you have your cover charges, high drink prices, and I love dancing. I was happy to see people who showed off some NY dance flair!  50/50 shot w/getting a good DJ, assorted vibes, and a must dress “to die” for impressive style. Everything must be on point if your gonna step out into any club/lounge and I found no difference between Baltimore & New York except for the closing times. New York closed around 5am. We left the Sky Room @4, walked through Times Square, got our daily harassment of funny men, and then back to the hotel at the Grand Hyatt. Men in NY are very out spoken/appreciative of the female anatomy and it’s hilarious all the different cat calls/pick up lines used here. Can’t rember the last time I’ve said “Thank You” and laughed so much over it.  Great location being next to Grand Central Station ~ it’s so easy to commute back/forth. New Yorkers really do sleep, it got quiet around 5am, and then the noise was back at it around 7am!! I couldn’t see myself living in the city, just too much, me I like to live in the country (county), and know I have an option to drive or go visit my city fun. If I lived in the city I know I’d be in a lot of trouble being around temptation, always having things to do, and getting distracted. Next time, I want to visit some other burroughs, see the Statue of Liberty, go to some underground dance spots, dine in other country cuisine, and take more scenery pics. Love the fact I was able to exercise my right for Fashion. Anything goes for fashion in New York and I brought everything that I wanted to wear sooo bad here in Maryland but have no real outlet to go to. Unless it’s a fashion show. I was excited to break out my super wide legged Jean pant, cross body bags are an ESSENTIAL in this city, and the all to workable black leather jacket. The weather was cooperating so beautifully this weekend. 

Thank You New York and I learned anywhere you go, it’s up to you to make the experience worthwhile. In group settings your always gonna have the experience w/someone who has some type of attitude shift. That’s ok because you have to know how to adapt ~ can’t wait till my next more in depth trip in New York and catch some inspiration. Thanks for reading ~ subscribing to all my other social media outlets. Best Wishes & Good Luck 2 All


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