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Hello Ladies/Gents,

This is not your typical relaxing body wrap: were you lie down on the table and the therapist does all the work. NO NO Not at ALL! Lets start from the beginning if you don’t know.

What is a Body Wrap?

  • Involves wrapping the body in porous elastic bandages soaked in a special mineral solution, to contour/slenderize the body, for a complete 60 minutes. During this process you can see skin tightening, hydration, and you can add more contouring to areas by repositioning the wraps. Loose inches fast and not just for the belly area!

Is size an issue for body wraps?

  • Before you actually get wrapped, you’ll go through an initial consultation to address problem areas, then you will get measured from head to toe, and you’ll need to bring extra bra & panties because you’ll be wet. No, size is not an issue because the wraps are nothing but ace bandage wraps, soaked in solution, and they use multiple bandages. Its very very tight and you look like a mummy…LITERALLY

What results Will I see?

  • Now this all depends on your body: once your done you get remeasured to compare the before & after notes. During the process your doing light exercises, the therapist comes in to check on you, and rewet the wraps. Essentially your creating body heat to help release toxins, water, and this helps loose inches quick. If, you retain water the wraps are suppose to help mediate that issue, along with bloating. As long as you keep your weight at bay – the inches lost won’t come back.



On Instagram wraptured was holding a contest and I won a belly fat wrap. I set up a 10am appointment and added on the far infrared sauna to maximize results. Infrared Sauna is filled w/salt rocks, its warm like a regular sauna, minus the steam, and its suppose to penetrate the body to a depth of 1.5-2in. To stimulate detoxification and open the pours to facilitate maximum absorption. The thearpist led me to a small room in the back, we did a consultation, I undressed into my under garments, and she told me to sit in the sauna for 15minutes. It got pretty warm quick, as I closed my eyes, and drifted off to a distant land..all of a sudden the timer went off. Next, she marked/measured me from head to toe. I dedicated this wrapping to focus on the entire abdominal area, contour my lower half to make my butt bigger/lifted, and just tone up my arms. Its amazing how many wraps/the special directions they have to move the wraps in order to get the clients desired shape. I felt like a mummy, we talked/laughed the entire time, as she kept grabbing more pre-soaked bandages. *OPTIONAL: head wrapping* After I was all wrapped, plastic bags were added to my hands, and feet for the collection of water. Then she added a black pull over drape to create more body heat as I got on the exercise equipment called the Gazelle.

The lovely therapist turned a movie on for me, to pass the time, its very hard to move in soaking wet wraps, think of it as running through mud, you will create heat, and you look at yourself in the mirror and laugh. For my last check in, she had to rewet me and I moved onto the “full body vibration” machine which shakes your whole body. This one felt more like a workout than anything I’ve ever tried before. The therapist came back in to help me off the vibrational machine, unwrap me, and redo all measurements.


  • Total of 11 1/8in lost but not in my stomach area 🙁 it was every where else but that which I wasn’t really enthusiastic about at all.
  • Stomach lost 2 1/2in

Take Home Advice for Wraps as told by the Therapist

  • No refined sugar products
  • No salt or processed foods
  • No dairy
  • No shower (sponge bath is ok, you want the minerals to soak in, bathe the next day)

After all was done I realized I was there for a total of 2 hours. Really didn’t feel like it at all and I was hoping to have lost all the inches in my abs more than anything.

Do I think this was worth it….well this was my 2nd time doing these wraps as I did one before from this company in April 2012.. and No, I won’t do it again. It’s easy for me to follow the directions as I just drank a protein shake, water, and relaxed the remainder of the day. I didn’t feel dehydrated or hungry at all. The next day my cycle came on, I remeasured, and all the inches came back. I retain water – the wraps obviously didn’t help me w/this issue. I felt like the time/money was wasted. I do high intensity interval workouts, I eat as clean as I possibly can, but it never fails when its my time of the month.


If you haven’t tried the wraps I say give it a shot, your experience will be different than my own, but be mindful these are not cheap as listed below. And I think if you do it more than once you’ll most likely see better results over a period of weeks.

TYPES of Body Wraps offered

Slender Tone Wrap $155

Anti-Aging Wrap $165

Power Wrap $175

Body Lift Wrap $195

Belly Fat Wrap/Not just for the belly $220

Lipase Wrap $270

Far Infrared Sauna $15

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