Fat Free Happy Hour- Effective Med Spa

WHAT! How the hell can happy hour be fat free?! Well let’s start w/our skinny cocktails, or lemon -lime water, and I’ll tell you all about it 😃 Effective med spa is exactly what the name entails: medical spa not only for chemical peels but treatments that include lasers or radio frequencies.


1330 Main Chapel Way

Gambrills , MD , 21054


This 5-7pm happy hour is to show case

  • Vanquish Body Contouring System
  • Gold’s Gym – X Factor program featuring Danny Lee, fitness tips, and start-up plan
  • Get tips on how to stay injury-free when starting a workout program
  •  Sample Healthy foods by Park Deli in Severna Park and learn about their quick & convenient meal plans for optimum weight-loss
  •  Learn about what non-invasive treatment can minimizing the appearance of cellulite

Skinny cocktails include: vodka, lemon, cucumber, lime, and water. I’m telling you these drinks are delicious! I had 2! Anyways, Danny went over different natural weight loss methods that include the gym, intertwine this with good ole fashioned healthy food choices from Park Deli, which can be delivered to you at your door step, and chiropractic alignment/adjustments by Jennifer as needed to keep you limber. The demonstrations were great, everyone had great questions, it was fun, along w/real people who genuinely workout. Even though they do hard core training sessions, some areas just won’t budge, and so it was great to have someone who was willing to get a live vanquish treatment. Vanquish is a system that sends radio frequency waves to targeted areas. This technique uses deep thermal heating to specifically address the areas of your body you want to treat. Vanquish essentially can melt away unwanted fat. Meanwhile, your lymphatic system works naturally to remove the melted fat following your treatment. Not everyone is a candidate for this so you just get a consultation first.

  • Sessions come in 4 or more $2800
  • Each treatment is $700 a pop
  • Must have hydration level of 45 or higher
  • Spot reduction therapy

All VIP’s received $700 in spa dollars towards Vanquish treatments and we also had secret gift cards. Well I won $200 off but these treatments are to expensive for me. I have other obligations I must take care of first. Robert Andrew’s is right next door and they have a body wrap that’s complimentary to the Vanquish treatments. I’ve had this body wrap before, believe it’s called “Body detox”, which includes a belly fat wrap-cellulite cream, dry brushing, and more. Very very relaxing.

  • Body wrap $140 (I think.. please call)

Robert Andrew Salon & Spa
1328 Main Chapel Way, Waugh Chapel
Gambrills, Maryland 21054
410.721.3533 / 301.261.3844

I enjoyed myself at tonight’s meet & greet. We were given skinny popcorn, I opened it up, and if you put this in a bowl.. I honestly couldn’t tell the difference between UTZ white popcorn. It’s really good and of course the food samples offered were salads, salmon, fruit, etc. I’m a client of Effective Med Spa and always appreciate their professionalism & helpfulness. Please Enjoy the video below so you can get your own sneak peak ☺️



Park Deli

Robert Andrews Salon & Spa

Effective Med Spa

Gold’s Gym Crofton X Factor – email: Dannylee@goldsgym.net

Effective Integrative Wellness – Chiropractic. etc



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