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Pie Five


Founded in the Dallas area in 2011, They make fresh handcrafted and customized personal pizzas in less than 5 minutes. All crust made from scratch, fresh every morning by hand, and they have gluten free/vegetarian/vegan options. Classic pan, crispy artisan thin, and neapolitan whole grain are all certified Kosher dough.

Like any pizza place they have their signatures, create your owns, desserts, and salads. Once your inside the facility its similar to your local Chipotle, meaning assembly style ordering.

  1. Pick your crust (they can show you what the crusts look like)
  2. Pick your toppings on (your watching them assemble your pizza)
  3. Opt for salads/desserts at this point if you choose and pizza enters their fast oven
  4. Pay and the manager slides your pizza into the box. Manager will ask you if you’d like some of their special parmesan seasoning or hot pepper flakes.

Out the door you go.



Cons – Pie five is all about PERSONAL PAN, this is more of a lunch type joint in my opinion, and not for dinner. Both pizzas were $14.89 create your own/chicken carbonara.


Pros – Great for kids, quick, great for lunch time, different signature pizza’s


Overall, I was curious to see what this place was like, reading the online menu, and I noticed it just OPENED for business. Personal pan pizza’s is all they offer, quick bites, watching your figure friendly 🙂 And great for small kids. Not so great for fast growing boys ☺️

For me this is lunch only for me which is great as it takes less than 5 minutes to be ready and out the door. NICE! I love pizza, every Sunday is pizza night, and we buy large pizza’s for leftovers at your common pizza joints like Papa Johns, etc. Seasoning wise its good but try it and let me know. Due to us eating pizza for dinner purposes I’ll stick to what we normally do which is order from common TV ad places, make my own which is a fun project to do, but if I want to get fancy, I’ll treat us to some other local spots in Baltimore City… Video Review to come shortly about that place. THANKS YALL



Pie Five – click for locations & more





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