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Growing our own vegetables is the easiest way to save money but also know what were putting into our bodies. The news keep talking about GMO’s, chemically treating our food crops, and I just want to continue to make sure I’m doing all I can to be healthy. My family and I took a trip to Behnke’s which is similar to Homestead Gardens to get our yearly vegetables to grow in our backyards. Last year, was my first time ever seeing these boxes, I enjoyed it so much now that I have the learning curve of it, and decided to get the jr box as well. Living in a townhouse…how do I grow my own vegetables?? I use Earth Grow Boxes  on my balcony, it comes with everything you need to set up the box, and all you have to do is fill it w/soil, water, plants.

For my big box I’ve planted 2 tomato, 2 different types of chives, spinach, and green onions. I’ve learned to split everything up because last year I put everything in one grow box (lettuce, herbs) and my tomatoes grew late. Found out from my boyfriends quick analytical mind that everything was fighting for nutrients so the tomatoes didn’t have enough to fully flourish. I had enough to harvest but my big boy tomatoes didn’t start producing till late. So now I’ll just focus on having 2 tomato plants and small herbs that won’t rob the tomatoes of its nutrients to fully flourish. I also purchased the staking system for the big grow box for the tomato plants. Since the tomato plants are small I will add the net later on in the growing cycle, for now the posts are just up.


For my Jr grow box: I have mixed lettuces, 2 different types of basil, cilantro, and Korean lettuce seeds that my older sister gave me which haven’t sprouted yet. Since I started using the large grow box last year all I had to purchase was the replant kit. In the kit it includes: 16 oz. 7-7-7 Fertilizer, 16oz. Dolomite, 2 reversible mulch covers w/instructions. You can grow virtually anything in these boxes, I grow basically only the things that we use on a daily basis, I would to add garlic/yellow onions but will see how this goes.


As for the soil I use to put into the grow boxes I’ve been using the Epsoma Organic Potting Mix, extra perlite, and this year my first time trying the bat guano (for nitrogen etc) and the indoor/outdoor plants seem to be loving it. I like epsoma potting mix because its super light, you can use it right out the bag w/o additives and there’s really nothing in it at all except worm castings. I love to add my own nutrients so I can keep track of the measurements and this soil doesn’t hold onto water for long. Reason I mention this is because I have bad experiences w/Miracle grow and Dr. Earth their soil becomes to compact for my delicate indoor tropicals and the roots begin to suffocate from lack of air circulation. I will never use their products again, I stumbled upon Epsoma soil, read the ingredients, and gave it try. I’ve never turned back since. For the grow boxes even though the boxes come w/fertilizer I’ve been adding liquid fish/kelp to the EVERY watering. The tomatoes are not only sweeter, I’ve had no disease & splitting, bigger yields, and overall the vegetables love it. Neptune’s Harvest is the stuff I purchase and I have tried to use this indoors but the smell…so I pass on the indoors. I believe if you water it down more maybe the smell won’t appear as much but for my indoor plants I just use Dyna-Gro products (found at your local hydroponic store, garden shop, or amazon) & Chelated Liquid Iron. Grab a hose to fill up the boxes and you let nature take care of the rest. SIMPLE!!

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