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FYI- when I go into a restaurant I don’t like to read their “about page”. I like to go in knowing: what they serve, prices, location/hours, and parking situation. I like to go in “raw” because it gives me a better experience.


First impression “OLD FASHIONED”! Really I feel like I’ve stepped back in time to the Wild West, where everyone went to the saloon, for everything. This is located in the “Historic Annapolis” area. But on this side of the street it’s more reserved, slow, low key, and geared for the older crowd. No offense but they should give and age restriction: under 35 years of age “Turn Around”! No bar fights here..well maybe if it was over golf or who caught the biggest fish?

As we sat upstairs in their “lounge” area waiting to be called, it’s really empty for this time of night, and on a Saturday. We got here at 8pm. Reservations I made in advance for @8:30pm EST because this place seems to always be booked. Main Restaurant is downstairs and it’s empty as well. Didn’t take any pictures of the lounge since another couple was their eating didn’t want to be rude. Up here is the only area for bathrooms, another bar, 4 leather chairs for sitting, and room in the back dinning for large groups. With this $100 worth of food Groupon dinner for two will see what the it’s made of. Because the atmosphere & Decor gets a double thumbs down… But this is the actual theme of this restaurant just not my style.

  • Waiting is a bore and I broke one of my rules by reading the restaurants “about page”.* Theme of this restaurant Achieved!

Reviewing the food


Bread & Salad

Bread & Salad

Complimentary Bread – comes in the beginning (please excuse I forgot the bread type) cheese baked on top with oil to dip in.

$8.00 Bib Wedge & $10.00 Cesar w/o anchovies Salad– good, assorted toppings, and thinking who can mess up a salad.


*The waiter is nice he said: would we like to order an appetizer because with a $100 discount were only at $80 included our entrees. So we ordered the Charcuterie plate- which is a meat plate. *


meat plate

meat plate

$12.00 Charcuterie Plate– pork, prosciutto, salami, baby pickles/onion, manchego cheese watercress, multi grain hard bread pieces, spicy mustard, and everything was drizzled in red wine vingerete as a top dressing. I didn’t like this plate at all. The meats was too oily, cheese w/the drizzle made a semi sour taste, and prosciutto was overly fatty.


*From here I knew that all plates will be overly done “Fine”dinning with drizzles of unnecessary watercress/overrated sauce. Plus everything comes sitting on top of doilies?!


Infamous Dolly

Infamous Doily


Main Course

 $30.00 Deep fried Soft shell crab w/roasted spicy red potato, baby mushrooms, and drizzled w/old bay sauce– this was they’re special of the evening. The actual crab was good, juicy as you bite in, good crisp, and flavor. The potatoes was good until you tasted the green innards that they are soaking in. This off taste just didn’t sit well with me. And mushrooms was soaking in the green innards as well so I left them there.


$28.00 Medium well Grilled sirloin w/dirty quinoa & asparagus – steak needed more seasoning but. Asparagus tasted like any thing you can cook yourself nothing special. Dirty quinoa was bland, you add the tomato onion chutney sauce which came on the side, becomes like dirty jambalaya rice. Not impressive, need more flavor, and that was left on the plate as well.


Left: Steak Right: Soft crab


*By this time we looked at the few people in the dinning area and seen they ordered-ate-left. We were the only ones who did the full course. Others plates weren’t completely cleared off either, so we figured it wasn’t just our taste buds. More so we all seen everyone going up & down the stairs of the upper long he area for drinks.*

Dessert $8.00 ea.

Chocolate Souffle w/Chocolate Ice Cream – this was delicious

Basic Creme Brulee w/Vanilla & fresh strawberries – delicious as well

Top: Chocolate Souffle Bottom: Creme Brûlée

Top: Chocolate Souffle
Bottom: Creme Brûlée



We sat awaiting the bill, recapped our meal, and we get it’s considered “Fine Dinning” but I’ve had other places that at least included flavor into their meals. The salad, soda, and dessert was the only highlight of the evening. We figured we should of just ordered those 3 for $100 and called it a night. All the plates were overly dressed w/drizzles & what was the purpose for the watercress on EVERYTHING as a garnish?! Wasn’t edible we just moved it all to the side. If it wasn’t for Groupon saving us.. I’d never thought of this place and will not be coming back. Our bill came to $110.24 we ended up paying $10.24 but that’s w/o tip. He is a nice waiter so I know he was happy with his tip. As we waited for him to check us out, I decided to jump on yelp (I’m a helper as well), and seen what they said about this place. Overall seemed like all reviews were from the older crowd..well I’m not 30yrs old yet, so guess my taste buds aren’t refined as them. No No my palate is very refined, I’ll never dislike something just because, and everyone has their own taste but this place is not for us.

Visit their restauraunt here Harry Browne’s

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