Cherry Blossom Festival Video

Saturday April 11th at 10am: were headed to the New Carrolton Metro station and then Washington, DC. It’s Our first time going to the cherry blossom festival and we want in on the most talked about event ever. The metro station oh what can I say : it’s severely crowded, confusing, I learned about how much I don’t know about our metro system, and how thankful I am for having a car to use. If it wasn’t for my niece I’d be lost SERIOUSLY!! Visit Ashley Maria Blogs check out her Professional in depth review on make up, fashions, and more. Enjoy her social media sites as well 🙂 After going through the metro circus, here comes the parade, well I’m telling you people must of camped out here. Every inch of street was covered w/people and this made it hard for police to control. It was grid locked, we managed our way to the front, took whatever possible photo/video we could, but hunger was over taking our minds.


You’d think GPS google maps would be a godsend for walkers umm no! The map kept spinning around, all we wanted to find was how to get to Main Street location of the cherry blossoms on the whatever, and get some REAL food. Walking up & down 15th & Consitituton was fun at first but after 3 times it starts taking a toll. We finally found a map on my iPhone 6 plus that worked and we got there. Now for the cherry blossoms, we honestly thought they’d be different..bigger, more appealing, but they weren’t. My mom has similar trees like this in her front yard and hers are bigger & pink. Of course they’re were pink blossom trees but they’re are more white ones. After our initial disappointment we started to have fun taking pictures and enjoying the scene. Ignoring warning signs, engaged in conversation, learning about Japanese culture, and allowing our senses to take us to new heights.


Overall it was a lovely day, the sun was in full force, windy, but highs 70 degrees. Atmosphere was happy, we got to see/enjoy the cherry blossom trees, be apart of histories most talked about yearly event in the Washington, DC. Everyone of all backgrounds came, some was pushy, some were happy, some was over the crowdedness before the event even started, everyone was in their own world, but we all had smiles on our faces. Thank you, food trucks!! Kabobs are the best, we walked all over, and nearing the end around 2:30pm we started feeling the leg & foot pains. Time to head back to the metro circus and end our day. When you get a chance come early and visit the festival. Always check the website for updates, routes to take, and see what other states have to offer. Glad we got to experience this as this is a time in history will never forget.



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