March Tea Time– I live for Tea’s

I drink tea all year round, my favorite is herbal, Jasmine & Chi, but I love them all. I’m not a big fan of using more than 1 teaspoon or tablespoon full of any kind of sweetner. So, if I have to use more honey, I’m not a fan that of tea. I enjoy tasting, closing my eyes, smelling the vapors, and getting the full benefits of my tea’s. Tea to me is similar to how I enjoy good wine. It’s an experience and the cup of tea should take you their. Wherever the tea originated from, you should be able to pick up on the ingredients notes.


I get my tea’s from all over but for this mini tea haul I went to our local H-Mart & Wegmans. H-Mart is our ethnic food market, you can spend an entire day looking at everything, and still miss stuff. I love that place!


H-Mart Mini Haul Below photo –

Korean Herb tea’s is nothing more than Solomon’s seal tea. This tea is highly herbal tasting, strong root smell, and it’s healthy for you. I love herbal teas, I’ve been drinking this after my workouts, and it’s really been helping me w/digestion & mild aches/pains. Solomon’s Seal benefits:

  • Heals aliments – sports injuries to gastrointestinal issues

  • Strengthen muscular & skeletal system

  • Can be in pill form or used as a salve

  • Reduce inflammation – clears lungs

Matcha Booster – is nothing but green tea poweder. I’ve been occasionally adding this in smoothies, after reviewing some of the claims about matcha, I honestly haven’t noticed any energy improvements. I’ll try and drink matcha plain since this is flavored and see how it works but I’ve honestly just forgot I even had it. Matcha is:

  • High in antioxidants

  • Detox

  • Burns calories

  • Energy booster


Now for the Wegmans Haul: Bottom Photo

First time trying Arizona Farm Cactus powdered honey, I researched as much as I could about its origins but found out it’s actually agave. Powder form is cool if you like to measure your honey, less mess, but I rather have liquid. When you open the bag it’s a Lovely honey smell, taste like honey, nothing different except it’s powder, but I like to know exactly where my stuff comes from.

Zhena’s Gypsy tea company isn’t that good in my opinion. I like my tea’s to taste what it smells like. These tea’s smell awesome but there’s no flavor. I like to use a small amount of sweetners because I want to taste the tea. Get the benefits of the actual tea. W/my experiences using this tea company: I have to use a lot of honey and so I’m going to just give this tea away to someone else.

Tea companies for me are a hit or miss but it’s a fun journey to take. Since I’m an avid tea drinker, I don’t care if my tea is hot or cold, if I like it than its a fav, but if not believe me you’ll hear about it!!

Have a good rest of March–I’m so ready for summer. Chow!

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