Waist Training & Cornrow Tree Braids

This is my first time aquiring a workout band waist trainer from anywhere, when I put it on and measured my waist I did see an instant 1 1/2 inch reduction. Next, measuring myself wearing the Classic cincher which I have worn these types before, I had the same reduction of 1 1/2 inches.

I haven’t slept in the hour glass angel products. Years ago, I slept in the squeem miracle vest style #26MV because my back used to hurt very bad sitting in the computer chairs at work. I can attest if you have back problems the classic cincher vest will help alleviate mid-lower back pain, as it forces you to sit in correct upward posture, the vests are tight for the first couple of weeks, but it slowly loosens up w/over usage

 YES, these vests are pricey but I’ve had the 2 squeem vests last me a good 5+ years, it all depends on how much your wearing it (wear/tear), how you care for the vests & suites. The money is well worth it to me

My measurments

Bust – 36

Waist – 30

Hip – 43



Hour Glass Angel – Workout band waist trainer by Ann Chery 2026  – direct link here  and the Classic Cincher waist trainer by Amia A102 direct link here 


Squeem – as shown in the video sorry when I looked on the site, I didn’t see it, I had this full body vest over 5yrs now but you can call and ask them about the product (877)677-8336  – product info below:

  •    Cotton & Rubber Short-Vest ref 26JB

Classic Shapewear – This is where I purchased my sqeem half vest called the Squeem Cotton & Rubber Vest Faja (Miracle Vest). In the video I described a particular vest I used to help w/my back pains at work. Your entire back is covered, the hook/eye closure is in the front, under the breast, it helps w/posture, gives your breast a lifted appearance, and I slept in this. I had to sleep in it because it felt better to have support around my spine, to release pressure/pain. I’ve had this vest for over 5yrs and the metal boning finally popped. So these do last long from my experience. Direct link here and product info below:

  •  Squeem Cotton & Rubber Vest Faja (Miracle Vest)   Style # 26MV

Cornrow Tree Braids –  Hair style only lasts for 6wks but its worth it if your traveling, go into water, and want something in between styles like I did. After I had my weave removed in February – I opted for this style until the first week of spring, and then I’ll transition onto my summer styles

  1. Freetress Braid Hair 22″ Wet/Wavy- $5.99 pk synthetic blend
  2. My Stylist cut the hair for me, to my comfortable length of mid-back

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3 thoughts on “Waist Training & Cornrow Tree Braids

  1. Thanks for this! I’ve been very curious about trying waist trainers. Are the results permanent? Do you feel your ribcage is thinner at the bottom too?

    • I do feel compression from the garment but you have to get YOUR correct size and wear it for the recommend hours. I actually got the package this Saturday and did pre-measuments. When I put both cinchers on it as an instant 1 1/2 inch reduction. I wore the classic all day Saturday (no workout today) – it didn’t stop me from eating, I love food so I guess nothing will stop me, it didn’t take me long to adjust to the compression but I didn’t like how I had to keep tucking my shirt in the back to hide the cincher. Bra are was ok; it didn’t rub or bother me.
      Sunday I didn’t wear it at all and I gained my 1 inch back (didn’t work out & ate whatever). I’m wearing the Classic Amia cincher as I’m at work, it’s comfortable, helps my posture in these computer chairs, but when I get home I’ll put the workout trainer in; do my yoga & cardio. So far I see in order for me to keep inches off in my midsection I’ll have to wear the cinchers-workout-and watch my eating habits. Oh and since your stomach is forced to stay pulled in, when I didn’t wear it on Sunday i belly had muscle memory, as it stayed in. It actually feels better keeping the cincher (classic) on than off. The workout band is heavy – I’ll only use this for working out and it’s not comfortable like the classic Amia light weight version. Hope this helps and I can’t wait to do a 30 day video

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