Brunch Steak – Snow Day Dinner

Yes, I am a brunch person, not a big breakfast fan, as I’ll eat anything for breakfast like last nights dinner 🙂 . Due to our last snow storm Thor, I decided to make a snow day feel warm, fun, and bright indoors. Quick easy recipe that you can tweak for your own tastes. Hope you enjoy and let me know how everything went!!



3- Medium sized butter-yellow potatoes

1/3 cup – Onions chopped

1 – Filet Mignon (or however many people your feeding)

1- Egg room temperature

Sprinkle of Shredded cheese any kind

Butter – I used my homemade herb butter

Salt/Pepper to taste & other seasonings you like example Mrs. Dash Tomato Basil Garlic 

Olive Oil or whatever you use to coat a pan for sautéing


1) Thaw out filet mignon & allow to sit at room temperature. Salt & Pepper filet and allow to sit at room temperature until time to cook.


2) Grab your 3 potatoes – peel if you like or keep the skin on. If, your opting for skin on please make sure you rinse the potatoes Thoroughly!! Chop potatoes to the size that’s appealing to you, I made mine small similar to what you find in southern style hash. Chop onions as well.

IMG_0928_2_2 IMG_0929_3

3) In a shallow frying pan – add couple drops of olive oil or coating of your choice so potatoes don’t stick/burn and allow pan to get hot on medium heat. SautĂ© potatoes until tender about 20 minutes – poke w/a fork to check and then add onions. Grab your seasoning of choice: I’m using Mrs. Dash Tomato Basil Garlic seasoning and salt/pepper to taste. Cover w/a lid until onions become tender and turn off the stove heat. Allow this to set aside for later use.

IMG_0931_3 IMG_0932

4) In an oven/broiler safe sautĂ© pan – turn heat on HIGH! Your going to only sear all surfaces of the filet. This is a quick process so be sure to flip them quickly. Your searing to keep all juices inside the filet and will transfer the sautĂ© pan to your broiler to cook the filet for 15-20 minutes depending on your level of doneness. I like my meat: Medium-Well (small amount of pink)

IMG_0933  IMG_0934

5) In 10 minutes flip the filet and you will see the searing on the opposite side. For Medium-Well usually takes 20 minutes if it’s not a thick filet. Once your filet’s done to your liking, you can always cut a section of the filet to make sure its done enough for you before you remove from broiler. Remove from broiler and allow meat to rest.


6) Begin to plate the potatoes/onions, sprinkle some shredded cheese, and add the filet on top of the potatoes. Cut a small piece of butter and put that on top of the steak.

IMG_0939  IMG_0940_2

7) Cook an egg anyway you like – I prefer runny in the middle, but you can do sunny side up 🙂 Put egg on top of steak, add a bit more of shredded cheese on egg, and enjoy!!!

IMG_0942_3 IMG_0947_3

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