Chuck Roast w/potatoes & onion Stromboli

Yes, yes, we are using the leftovers we made in the crock pot, in a clever cost effective way and it’s EASY to do!!

Leftover roast
1 – cup of shredded cheese (any kind you like)

1 – egg for egg wash to brush the edges of dough to seal

1 – Spoonful of melted butter & a brush if you have one

1- Greased baking sheet or use wax paper

1) Take your Chuck roast (or whatever leftover you have that you want to use) and shred it like you would pulled pork


2) Follow directions on the Pilsbury crust can. Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees.

3) Once you unravel your dough, add your ingredients in the center, and take your egg wash brushing all of the edges

4) Prepare to roll the dough like a log. Roll tightly 2/3rds way, fold in the edges like a package, and continue to roll to the end making sure it’s tightly closed.

5) Take a knife to make 4 slanted slits across the top of dough- for ventilation, and it’ll cook evenly. Then brush the top w/your melted butter and into the oven per Pilsbury directions.


6) DONE and if you have marinara sauce use it or a bottle of store bought flavored tomato sauce. Just heat it up and dip. ENJOY!


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