Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners

Hey yall,

Okay I went grocery shopping, had a $1.00 off coupon for 1 box of slow cooker liners $2.29ea. I was actually shocked to see them at Wegman’s because they don’t always carry the stuff you’ll normally see at Giant’s or Safeway. I had to actually climb & lift myself up a bit to get to the back area of the shelf where the liners were hidden. Not sure why they were pushed/stacked all neatly in rows back there but I got a pack.


Why didn’t I think of inventing these?! Really when Sean opened them up, they look like the plastic bags you find in the vegetable section at some stores or when you go to an old fashioned candy store using the clear bags. For dinner he’s making chuck roast w/potatoes & onions. Perfect timing to tests these babies out 🙂

1) Remove liner from box and like you would a “trash bag” open it up fully to line the inside of the crock pot.


2) Gently push down to completely cover and put inner pot back into main crock pot unit.


3) Start loading up your crock pot w/your ingredients, set temperature, and relax.


That’s all there is too it and I’d definitely buy these again since its a pain cleaning up the crock pot. We have double sinks so it won’t fit in the basin. We have to sit the inner black part of the crock pot next to the sink, in soapy water, and use the hand unit to wash it out w/water. I’m all for easy clean up and that’s what these liners provide. Thanks coupons & Reynolds!

15 thoughts on “Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners

  1. this is genius! I hate cleaning the crock pot after cooking pulled pork or something like that… as it is so difficult! This is my dream come true, thank you

  2. I always remember to buy these AFTER I am scrubbing up the mess. One of these days I will actually remember beforehand.

  3. This sounds like a great product. I would try these if I had a crock pot. I’m going to have to get one so I can give them a try.

  4. I am always using my crock pot. I need invest in the liners. (It’s a pain to clean!)

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