Cosi Tomato Basil Soup mmm Yum

This winter is so cold, I can’t stand being cold, and so our idea was to go to Cosi. Instead of waiting in line for Chipotle which was next door.

Cosi Columbia
6181 Old Dobbin Lane Suite 200
Columbia, MD 21045
Phone: 410-953-6311


 Cosi Background: They believe that food is fuel, was founded on the idea good food will make the journey all more delicioius, from hand tossed salads, soups, sandwhiches, and the atmosphere is more so like a hip cafe’.


I’ve been here a couple times before during summer and this is only my 2nd time during winter. We usually don’t come on this street in columbia so we kind of forget Cosi is here. Sean never ate here before so he decided to eat somewhere else, as I ordered the small tomato basil soup. The soup is slow simmered, the flavor is awesome/addictive, it comes with flat bread that is soft/chewy freshly baked, and for the first time I got a small hot caramel apple cider. After you pay: they hand you a number, you choose your seating area, and the food is brought to you at your table. I love cosi its very comfortable and a good spot to meet friends or spend quality time with your loved one.


My soup arrived: I love dipping the bread in the soup and the explosion of QUALITY ingredients hits your mouth. You don’t just taste the tomato, there’s a small hint of onion, but you taste the basil and it makes the soup sweet. As I ate my boyfriend (with his eyes dilated on my bread/soup) decided to taste it. After he tasted the soup, he does this thing where he rubs his beard as to think “Damn I should of”. So he orders himself a bowl as well and extra bread. I sit back watching him and just shake my head. Men just don’t listen when we tell them what’s good for them huh? Your belly instantly warms up, you start to get full, honestly a small you wouldn’t think it would fill you up, but don’t let the size fool you. Sean’s a big eater and even he felt the sensation of getting sleep after he was finished. I took a drink of the caramel hot apple cider and OMG its not just sweet but there’s a small taste of pleasant tartness. Now the sleepy feeling turns into feeling like your on a nice high! He didn’t believe me so he tried it and said he feels his stomach, head, getting super warm. And yea it feels like your on a flavor overload high when you’ve eaten something really really good.


We shared his extra side of bread together and we “broke bread” so now were at peace w/one another. 🙂 The things you do in a relationship right 🙂 I’ve tried other sandwiches on their menu and their good too. You may pay a little bit more but its worth a try at least you know your getting your money’s worth. Have a lovely winter & eat soup it’ll help keep you warm but also won’t impede on your workout/weight loss journey. I’m on both and soup seems to be a great option if your board of eating the same ole stuff.




Cosi – Let’s Make The World A Better Place

12 thoughts on “Cosi Tomato Basil Soup mmm Yum

  1. This looks so good!! Soup is on the top of my list of favorite comfort foods – second to chili of course!

  2. Soup is always a good starter before any food & too good & comfort during winter in particular. Cosi tomato basil soup sounds like a yummy & healthy soup that could keep you so refreshing all the day.

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