Eggcellence A Breakfast Brunchery Restaurant

Ok, so by now yall know I’m a die hard foodie, I speak my mind, and always encourage you check it out for yourself. I’ll make this review quick and painless!!

Gateway Village, 2625 Housley Road, Annapolis, MD 21401
(410) 573-9503


It snowed today, I’m not a big breakfast person but I love brunch! I didn’t feel like cooking breakfast and plus I didn’t have the ingredients in the house even if I wanted to. Since the boyfriend works at night decided to go out for a quick breakfast date, I remembered seeing on yelp: Eggcellence having great reviews, and it’s almost 10am so let’s go! It’s located on the opposite side of Annapolis mall, in Gateway Village Plaza, a strip mall, and inside is smaller than Denny’s & IHOP. We get seated right away, I counted about 10 groups of 2 people each so it’s basically empty. We already reviewed the online menu so ordering was simple. Our waitress was nice, took our orders, brought out my cinnamon roll & our drinks.


Boyfriend chose:

  • Philly Omelette no mushrooms (comes w/potatoes & bread of choice)
  • Side of bacon
  • Large orange juice


Cierra chose:

  • Frittatas Hot Tamale w/pepper jack cheese (comes w/potatoes & bread of choice)
  • Large orange juice
  • Cinnamon roll



The Painless Review: When the male waiter (I honestly think he’s the owner) brought us our food he assumed I got the tamale, as he lowered the plate in front of me, and then said as he squinted his eye “tamale”. I said “Yes, Thanks”. I took pictures of our dishes, our waitress came back, and asked if we needed anything like hot sauce. I said “sure”, she brought the hot sauce, and prepared to help her other tables. When the food came out it was warm, WARM, not hot like food should come out. As you look at my picture below

you can see the cheese isn’t melted at all. The babe said his food was bland, mine was the same, but we ate it. As we talked: i surveyed the room & remembered the menu; I noticed this place is a mix between IHOP & Denny’s. Not a lot of young people come here I can tell because you clearly notice the “regulars”. I’m a very “aware” person so I peeped our waitress staring at my boyfriend as he’s still trying to push down the food, she left, and came back quickly dropping the bill saying “I’ll come back to get this”. The waitress didn’t even go far as she made a mini u-turn, I looked over my shoulder, being signaled by the man who bright us our food, she came back for the bill, I haven’t even looked at it yet, so I just handed her my credit card. I know the “laughs or hmm sound” you make when you have those “experiences”. I don’t even have to explain. Yall know what I’m talking about.

We would of been better off going to our normal place in Severna Park or anywhere else for that matter. $37.97 wasn’t worth the money and a rushed/stuffy atmosphere. Eggcellence your not excellent, can’t say mediocre, maybe subpar. Oh well scratched this off my list , went back home, and enjoyed the rest of our day. I don’t recommend this plane but if you want: go give it a try, maybe this was an off day but I DOUBT IT!


OH THEY do have wonderful cinnamon rolls besides the Pilsbury kind 🙂 lol

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