SNACK BETTER: Kale Chips Review

I’m on this complete change of diet…well not really changing my diet, I’m adding in things I’ve never tried before, and altering my normal eating habits. I have a big issue w/snacking more than I actually eat dinner. I have to do something to help me not only stop gaining unnecessary weight but also keep healthy. Looking at & listening to the news you really don’t know even more now if its cloned, organic, GMO, and I like to know what the hell I’m eating everyday… since food is like a mini drug/hobby of mine 🙂 My girlfriends at work love Pinterest, they get recipes, ideas, etc. and referred me to it for my snacking. At Wegman’s I noticed these Kale chips sitting on the end cap display, by Rhythm Superfoods, in assorted flavors (honey mustard, Kool ranch, Texas bbq, mango habanero etc) and so I love greens & picked the zesty nacho’s. At work I always bring my own lunch or if their’s something good locally i.e. our food trucks then I’ll go visit them. The problem is I have a bad issue of eating JUNK. Seriously we love to eat in my department, we have people who love to cook, and thus, bring in their lovely dishes to share. When I get home I’m not hungry at all, at times I won’t cook dinner, yes I know its bad but I’m honest.


I purchased a mixture of work snacks & new items like zucchini and brussels sprouts for my new recipes I want to try at home. When we got home, my boyfriend picked a movie, he’s eating his pumpkin seeds, I decided to open this bag of kale chips and skipped reading the back of the bag like I normally would. Holding it in my hands: nice size pieces of kale, seasoned really well visually, inside the bag smells like greens, and their not hard at all probably fried or something. Lets Taste It: the nacho’s are very zesty, I would have rather gotten the Kool Ranch flavor, but I can see once I take these to work it’ll taste like the best thing EVER! Y’all know what I mean 🙂 , honestly their not bad -their different- I just don’t like the nacho flavoring to much but these are really good for my first time trying them.


Rhythm Superfoods History

  • Made by tossing fresh organic kale w/our hand crafted dressings

  • Instead of frying, these chips are air-crisped under low heat which maintains living enzymes/nutritional potency

  • excellent source of Vitamins A,C& K, rich in antioxidants, photo nutrients, carotenoids, etc.

  • GMO Free

  • Made in the USA

So feel free to check them out, after I take these to work, finish them off, I’ll get the Kool Ranch since I think that flavor will taste better like its a dip. And I was wrong, well next time I’ll have to make sure to read the back, so its not fried at all, their air-crisped hmm learn something new everyday. What new things are you incorporating into your diet to help yourself health wise from the inside out?




14 thoughts on “SNACK BETTER: Kale Chips Review

  1. I enjoyed your comments here. I make kale chips at home and they are a bit time-consuming. It’s nice to hear a review for something I’ve been wanting to try. Thanks again for this. Lil’ John’s Smokehouse

  2. I’ve been looking for a healthier alternative to potato chips and I think I’m going to have to try these. Thanks for the review!!

  3. Really, that good? Huh…and here I’ve been hating on Kale. Never thought to try the chips though, so I’m in 🙂

    • Its an acquired taste honestly, this is my first time trying them, I would prefer the ranch-or anything to make it seem like I’m eating the kale w/”dip”. I didn’t like the nacho flavor so much but I will try other flavors for sure. Yes, if I didn’t see this on the end cap I would of walked right past it but yes give it a try and comment back!

  4. Kale chips are so good. It still amazes me though because I remember when they were just for decoration. 🙂

  5. This is a great review! Thank you. We are huge fans of kale chips in our house, so this is good to know.

  6. I do prefer healthy snacks for my family. This Kale chips sounds great. I think this would be a best alternate for potato chips. Your review shows that it has great nutrients, vitamins and a GMO free product as well. Will have to check this out.

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