Video Q-Redew Demo, Review on my hair for Workouts

My overall thoughts on this product 


  1. Helps to release fairy knots & knots in general

  2. Quick easy way to revive curls for quick styles

  3. Steam is very helpful in allowing the hair to absorb products better

  4. Steam lifts the hair cuticles when using pre/deep conditioner treatments


  1. For the Weave: I didn’t notice the steamer helping w/moisture retention because the steam evaporates so fast, it actually made the weave dry, and I still had to apply light products to quickly trap the moisture in. Weave became puffy and looked unkept.
  2. For my leave out (natural hair): Moisture retention was achieved, my hair texture becomes puffy/frizzy very fast, and I don’t want to nor like using so much product to keep my hair flat. Probably would be ok if I didn’t have to have my hair blend w/my weave.

So I’ll be using this steamer for my pre/deep conditioner uses, to help w/tangles, and of course to quickly put my hair in a presentable style for work since I workout at night and can’t always shampoo my hair.


Q-Redew handheld steamer 

One N Only Hair Care Products or you can find them at Sally’s Beauty Supply

6 thoughts on “Video Q-Redew Demo, Review on my hair for Workouts

  1. Very useful and precise review. I too like the fact that hair treatment accessories have started using steam to ensure a proper kept moisturized hair 🙂

    • Thank You. Yes, I agree steam is something I wanted to test out to see if it’ll help revert my heat damage. Since not all of my natural hair curls like the nape (back of my head) area and I’m investigating if steam will revert this issue. Once I have my weave removed I’ll be able to fully find out but untill then I can only try it on my leave out areas. Steam on my weave pose no benefit. Thanka for sharing

  2. Very useful! I’ve been thinking about getting a mini weave myself as my hair is thinning out far too much, and I was wondering how to care for it.

    • Oh ok, just make sure when you get your weave professionally done they take account to the thinning areas because weaves can pull/be tight. My stylist always require a consultation since it all depends on the foundation for the style you want to acheive. Yes, steam will help w/your OWN hair but for my weave I didn’t see any benefit on the weave its self. Thanks for watching & commenting

  3. Sounds like a great product. I would like to try it on my daughters hair because she always gets knots and it always hurts her when I brush her hair in the morning. Would it work on children’s hair?

    • I believe it would work for all hair types except it is steam and I’d just be careful about that type of heat. Might be ok for us but you know their scalps are soft an may be too warm

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