On The Go: Mixed Pomegranate Avocado Cups

Good Morning & Happy New Years!

Ok I’m quickly making my lunch for work but I also will make this as a snack during the day. Avocado’s are so nutritious- Vitamin A-K-C-B1-2-3-5-B6-E-zinc, good for hair/eye health, has more potassium than bananas, heart healthy fats, fiber, lower cholesterol, and can help you loose weight. Pomegranates prevents cancer, boots immunity/cell health, increase bone/heart health, weight control, good for hair-skin, anti aging benefits, high levels of Vitamin C.

INGREDIENTS — Making 1 Cup
1 – Small Tomato
1 – Small Avocado
1 – Small pack of mozzarella cheese or either cubed or sliced cheese you can shred
1 – Pomegranate or mixed fruit of your choice
Salt & pepper to taste


  1. Grab your cutting board and wash your fruits/veggies
  2.  Pomegranate you can cut in 1/2 and in a bowl put the seeds in it. I did mine in advance this can be a messy process 🙂 use gloves if you choose ~ pomegranate juice stains
  3.  Grab the avocado cut into 1/2. Remove & discard the pit gently with a spoon. Scoop out *SOME* of both halves of the avocado innards, so you will have room to fill 1 of the cups, and use the other as a top to close. Put the rest of the scooped avocado aside for later snacking.
    *Salt and Pepper the avocado cups
  4. Dice/Chop tomato & cheese i.e. mozzarella small and spoon into 1 of the avocado cups. Salt & Pepper more if you like
  5. Sprinkle fruit of choice i.e. Pomegranate on top of everything and grab the other 1/2 of the avocado (the cup) and put it on top to seal it up!



**Remaining ingredients can be used for other avocados you have on hand and you don’t have to put all ingredients into 1 side. You can use both cups, fill it w/the filling as well, instead of using it to seal off the avocado 🙂 NO wasting here 🙂 For the scooped innards of the avocado’s put it in a bowl or chop it an eat it plain. I LOVE AVOCADO’S

Quick, simple, healthy, and I wrapped mine in aluminum foil to put in my lunch bag. Hope you enjoyed this and let me know what creations you’ve made :))



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