Drink More Water! Infuse it with Fruit

Hey Everyone,

While we were shopping at Wegman’s I stumbled upon a tumbler. Which soon will become my new Fav. Not just any tumbler 🙂 this one had a basket inside, the wrapping said Flavor Infuser, and it was reasonably priced $5.99. Perfect, since I need a new cup for home/work anyways because I have been really slacking on drinking water and need to eat more fruits. I dropped the cup into my cart and carried on. At home I washed the cup thoroughly, washed off my fruits, I chose orange & pears, and got ready to give this a try.


Looks simple..HERE IT GOES:


1) Pick fruit, wash, and cut with skin off thinly (You can keep skin or rind on if you like)



2) Removed the flexible top cap and dropped fruit in





3) Fill with water, put cap back on, and gave a gentle shake




Infused it and now it’s time to Drink it! Yes, with the light fruit flavor I drank 2 cups already. I’m working on my 3rd, and also I’ll eat the fruit once I feel the flavor starting to diminish. Guess the headache was a dehydration headache because it’s gone now. Been getting them lately, I know my body been trying to tell me to drink more water, and I “happened” to stumble upon this cup 🙂 This is the most water I’ve drunk in awhile. Normally I’ll have my 1 cup of water, take a couple sips, leave it sitting next to me, and pay no attention to it again.


This tumbler is fun, my new FAV, and provides the best of both worlds 🙂 Thanks Cool Gear and thank you all for reading Chow!



Cool Gear Water Bottles – BPA Free



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