The Interview Movie

Okay after watching the movie on download…which youtube is also streaming the full movie for free and Xbox has it for rent as well. My thoughts on the movie are 3-fold


  1. The movie was funny not in a normal comedic sense but in a comedy of showing how the world is ran. Movie showing behind the scenes not only in the government but corporations in general. Not everything is a lie *wink*. The media controls what we see, know, think or feel.
  2.  I understand why the N. Korean president would be upset over how he’s portrayed. What country president would want they’re REAL business put out there for the word too see. If they’re in a position to control the masses. Think of someone doing the same to our president and how we act in the USA. Maybe if someone did shine light on what lies are being told to the US people we wouldn’t continue to let the Government run us as well. For example TAXES why the hell are we paying them. Read your Amendments. Look at what’s happening in Ferguson- about time we took a stand against injustice of ANY KIND.
  3.  This movie to me is nothing more than the Saturday night live (SNL) skits on TV or other “comedy’s” put out to make fun of stars we know today. Anytime a producer puts out a religious movie people have things to say about it as well.

I don’t get why Sony would pull it, the president gets involved, and now the movie is back on the market. Happy I seen it on download for free, movies like this I wouldn’t pay for, but I don’t see the hype. Every country has secrets in the way they control their masses. Like they say “knowledge brings power and there’s power in numbers”.

The character Dave Skylark sees everything “that’s shiny to be gold” and in reality we know that is not the truth. The saying is like this for a reason “everything that’s shiny isn’t gold”. Aaron Rapoport keeps telling Skylark the CIA lady is a front for something bigger and N. Korean president is a fraud. But no, Skylark wants to believe what he sees and ends up finding out the hard way. Like many of us we don’t want to listen to the truth until it’s too late. My mom always says to me “Cierra medicine doesn’t taste good for a reason. But it makes you better”. Well this is a perfect moral to the movie:
The truth doesn’t always sound nice, lies taste like sweet candy off people’s tongues, but the truth will make you better.


It’s your choose keep being blind to the fact that the world isn’t as nice as you think. The media is a master manipulator but if you know the truth you can do something about it. Or continue on your day as if life is all roses. I rather take the truth and commend people for taking a stand.


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