Video – How To Infuse Vodka w/Cinnamon

Hey Y’all,

Ok this is a simple and easy gifting idea or just something for personal use.

  1. Vodka or Liquor of Chose

  2. Spice, herb, candy, or fruit of chose i.e. cinnamon & break in 1/2 (easier for flavors to disperse into liquor)

  3. Add ingredient into glass, fill spices completely w/liquor, and cover with lid

  4. Store for a week at least in a covered area not exposed to light. I kept the glass in the box that I’m using as a gift

  5. Shake on occasions and see the color of the vodka change.

  6. Optional before giving as gift to strain out seasoning or herb, but for me I’ll leave it in the jar since the flavors will intensify the longer its kept inside the jar.

THAT’S ALL FOLKS 🙂 ENJOY and don’t forget to visit my social media tabs on the menu~ I love to hear from ya!


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