2014 EMMY’s Fashion

E! Fashion Police 

1) Sarah Paulson her dress looks like some kindergartners decided to go into their moms room and have at it. What else can you say, it’s horrible, cheap, and looks like it itches. Just remember “as above so below” please don’t be the next scene of a horror movie again!! -NEXT-

Emmy's 2014

2) Vanessa Williams I love this color on her, love the fact her dress is faltering to get Body, and the weight she gained (looking at her face) she looks better the older she gets. I would just say accessories either a necklace or clutch. -BEAUTIFUL-

Emmy's 2014

3) Amber Rose dress I just think she needs to be more creative. This was done before. I just don’t like it. I known skin/sex – glitz and glam but this dress isn’t for Amber. Leave the chain-mail for the Medieval Times. – NEXT-


4) Gabourey Sidibe now ok my issue with this dress is because they could of added something that popped! Too plain. Accessorize but just because she’s full figured don’t mean you have to be scared to make a beautiful gown that is flattering to her figure. It just seemed they got lots of fabric, made it red or orange (picture quality can’t tell), and said have fun. They could of done more, she has beautiful skin, and is a lovely women . I believe the designer should have done more to show to the world full figure women have style too. -EXPLORE-


5)Lena Dunham do I really have to comment on Ronald McDonald’s wife. I love Mc D’a fries!! This is hereendous, something that if Marge from the Simpsons would do too her hair?! Umm it’s ugly , yes be different, but once again be flattering. Her face even shows she’s not happy. Please leave Haloowen acts for kids. -NO WORDS-


6) Kristen Wiig for me it’s too simple, yes I’ve read it looks like a slip, which is true, but once again accesories help to pull or make an outfit. Clutches. More fabric could of been added or just a better design overall. Also looks like is her Anniversay night and she wants to be sexy in an old school way. -REVAMP-


7) Laverne Cox I like the foundation of this dress. It’s pretty but I don’t like the neckline at all. It looks like she’s choking slowly, maybe if they changed the neckline it’ll be better, and change her hair style. – ACCESSORIES-


8) Padma Lakshmi her dress is boring, plain, and did I say BORING. Guessing my word of the evening is “Accesorize”. But I like Padma 🙂 just add some pop next time. -VIOLIN Please-


9) Mayim Bialik ok I can see Princess Diana wearing something similar but at least she’d look good in it. Just not faltering for her at all period. Like the hair/makeup but not the dress. Different fabric would of worked, along w/a new designed foundation…cut the long sleeves off. -FAIRY TALE-


Ok well hope you all enjoyed my Emmy’s critiques until next time Chow!!

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