Video -A Luxury Hair Affair: Sheer Luxe Beauty feat.Mo Moknowshair- DC Convention Nov 2014

Today is here:
A Luxry Hair Affair – DC
Sheer Luxe Beauty Convention
CEB Waterview
1919 N. Lynn st.
Arlington, VA 22209


Let’s get down to 295 south Washington DC – Arlington VA. Well besides my good ole’ GPS making me loop around, not finding the parking garage easily, and knowing I wasn’t the only one lost inside the parking garage made me feel a little better. I asked a lovely lady if she was going to the convention and we just helped each other find the way. Ha, it’s time to go up to the 24th floor.


With my new friend w/me, we arrived on the 24th floor, as the doors opened, we seen beautiful white marble floors, and it looked like a lounge. We register, I get my VIP goodie bag, the staff hands me a card to write my hair 101 crime on (what I think is a hair crime) and we head over to grab good seating. I took video of where I was sitting at the VIP section and the table scape was so cute. I couldn’t resist videoing & taking pics of the Scenery where you can see the Monument. Washington, DC is beautiful if you know how to get around, as for me since I don’t, I’ll just look at the scape from afar. My new friend & I venture off to check out the vendors: clothes, henna tattoos, and of course hair product vendors. Let’s go get our mimosa’s & cupcakes. Aww let’s see what’s inside our goodies bags ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ SORRY I was so caught up in the moment I forgot to take the goodie bag pic while I was this is the pic of the items when I got home.


Left - Curly Magic curl stimulator; Wine glass, Amla Legend shampoo/condit.; Sheer Luxe's edge control * hair growth oil

Left – Curly Magic curl stimulator; Wine glass, Amla Legend shampoo/condit.; Sheer Luxe’s edge control * hair growth oil

The event started about 1-1:30 with the lovely announcer Sheer Luxe Beauty Creator Anthara. Giving way to the main presenter Mo from Mo Knows Hair and her youtube page MoKnowsHair. A little bio Mo has been engaged in the art of haircare for years. She’s learned from her own trial & errors, and overall just wants to be an open source for haircare questions & tutorials.




Mo began introducing her model as she will be styling her hair in an updo to show how some of the sheer luxe products work. She is using the curl gelee and coil, curl, and kink brรปlรฉe. As Mo’s styling the hair, she opens the floor to questions, and we all take turns asking personal questions based on our hair journey. Each question didn’t phase Mo at all, it actually made her laugh even more, as she found out how many of us just want simple methods and nothing long or drawn out. Judging by the people I met at my table we all had similar questions and felt really good about the advice received. Mo finished styling the models updo and she walked around to show us her hair.




We refreshed or mimosa’s and different wait staff began walking around w/brunch bites. One was rye w/salmon and the other rice Krispy w/custard & fresh blueberries. Delicious! I took the time along w/others to get quick photo ops in, before the next demonstration was performed. Q Redew was the next live demonstration Mo performed on a participant picked from the audience. Here Mo talked about/showed us how the Q Redew uses steam to open the cuticles to refresh your curls/add moisture but also used for deep conditioning, taming frizz, help w/detangles, and more.




A hair battle was suppose to commence but the other stylist was sick, she couldn’t come, and so Shaddah Elyse from Fashion Focus Hair based in Baltimore, MD did her thing. She showed us how versatile natural hair can be and its all in the products which helps your technique for styling. Products she used were: It’s a 10, Nairobi, and TIGI Bed Head to create an updo featuring 3 loose fishtails braids (french braids) cupped together in the back via hair pins. As Shaddah stated: this is just a quick 15min effortless style worn for any season.
Now, it’s time for the panel of judges featuring: Mo, Mel Burgos from Rock Yo Rizos, and Yolanda Renee creator of ET Cetera Boutique to have some more fun and read our statements VIP got to write down on cards. Called “Hair crime 101” which is what you think is a hair crime. Example – going to bed w/o a head scarf or sleeping on a satin pillow case.




Mo came back to ask if there’s anymore questions since the main event is over. Another staff member let everyone know that they can feel free to take photos, visit the vendors, all mimosas will now be $5, and they have the room for a couple more hours for us to enjoy. I took my last opportunity to photo op w/the presenters, ask more personal hair questions, mingle, visit the other vendors/purchase stuff ๐Ÿ™‚ this gathering was lovely.




๐Ÿ™‚ Finally got to my car headed home and nothing but traffic ugh!! Well at least I enjoyed my entire day before this headache set in. Thank you all for this event, couldn’t have gone any better, met lovely new friends, and enjoy the video at the end ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ Be Free, Be You, Be Creative Because YOUR Worth It!




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