Video -Honey I Broke the Playstation 3 — new PS4

It all started when I got off of work. I made plans that we all go to the mall do my returns and find some place to enjoy dinner. TOGETHER on his day off..and he agreed.

I get home and said “why aren’t you dressed; come on”! He says “a couple more games”. In such a calm manner that I was heated. In my mind I’m thinking: you mean your stuck on the damn floor, we talked at noon, you should have already played your couple of games, and we should be out this damn door headed to the Mall. Oh but no, your playing Call Of Duty Black Ops on PS3 and your ass can’t stop in the middle of a damn match. What gaming company in their right mind don’t install a FUCKING PAUSE BUTTON!!

The match is over your on match 2 and now your saying a couple more. My thoughts: Hello traffic, I gotta work tomorrow, excuse me your ass off for Election Day, now you say you don’t wanna go since your in a match, and I like to beat traffic. I’m upset I do what I do best — Annoy him by pressing the controller buttons as he plays the game! Yep I did! Now his ass is mad, he don’t wanna go, and made me come all the way home so we can go together. You agreed but now your in a match your mindset changes and your mad at me for pestering you during your match.



Your man has a nasty attitude..YOU know what I mean because I don’t condone domestic violence of any kind and I will not be held responsible for your mistakes. Because your reading this thinking OH I CAN DO IT TOO!
Don’t be mad at me if it GOES SOUTH!



Shall we continue:

I go as far as to continuously press the “on/off” button on the game console..well one time to many and now the SHIT says “corrupt…restore mode..and will restart” and shows this long bar that will eventually be at 100%. Babe is pissed he’s on “silent mode” with me, turns on TWITCH on his XBOX so he can watch them play Advanced warfare call of duty live. He checks it and the bar stays at 14%.


Day 2:

Obviously he’s been checking, the bars stuck at 19%, I seen it, and he says “Guess you happy now huh you broke it”! I said “just play my PS4 COD until I get a replacement”. All hell breaks loose: here goes his little mini rampage. I sit back and laugh as he goes on. “You don’t care about others stuff, when are you going to replace it, how are you going to replace it, all my friends are on PS3, you don’t know when to stop do you, I can’t play online since you only have 30 days!” I stop him there in between my Cheshire cat smiles “I Actually Purchased a 1 year subscription to the PS network”. Then he continues to act like a baby and contest me. Why should I engage. All I do is turn on MY PS4, put COD in, and low & behold you can play online. No words, but he doesn’t seem to hesitate as he gets to raging on the game like usual.


-Goodnight cry baby-


Before I go to sleep I hop on gamestop’s website order a PS4 and have it sent to the store for pick up next day. This will be our little secret :))


Day 3:

Getting ready for work, call on my break as usual, and go home. Before it’s time for the babe to go to work he checks his PS3…all I see is him silent , prepping his lunch, and not looking my way. So I asked what’s wrong and all I got was SNIP. Me being me I egg it on (secretly knowing the PS4 is ready for pick up today) but he’s hot. He leaves reluctantly hugging me by. Time passes I text my girlfriends because his childish attitude is stupid, it’s a game, I’ll replace it, I made a mistake, grow the hell up REALLY! Love my girls they get it 🙂

So I pick up the PS4, set it all up to the Bose system, except log onto the PS network (don’t have his sign on). So I leave his new game Advanced modern warfare in the cabinet making it look like nothing’s changed. I make dinner, shower, and off to bed. I hear him get home in the early AM, got a kiss on my forehead and loving texts saying basically thank you 🙂 the babe is happy all is well lol 🙂



Guess the sayings true “Only you can prevent forest fires” hahaha. Yes, if you break it replace it ASAP!! The balance has been restored — Happy Home where he can rage, yell about lagg compensation, the excessive amount of campers, playback errors, and pound the floor with his controller. AAAHH the things we do to keep our mates happy 🙂 🙂 🙂


Enjoy the trailer lol

27 thoughts on “Video -Honey I Broke the Playstation 3 — new PS4

    • Thanks yes he was happy, which I’m thankful for lol that silent treatment is not fun 🙂 makes my days boring

    • My 1st system in elem. school was a nintendo, then nothing because i become addicted to playing and the next game system i purchased for the 1st time on my own in my high school years was a wii. Lol so now i finally got my own PS4 last year. Funny how people around you had gaming systs. All their lives but when i tell them my story they look at me like an alien :)) yea but my current boyfriend has had games all his life its what makes him hapoy 🙂 lol drives me nuts

  1. We have a Wii and only in small bursts of time do we use it. For us, Mario Kart is pretty addicting…but the disc is scratched and is due for a second resurfacing.

  2. I thought you were going to go crazy on it glad to see that it all worked out for you. We have quite a few games and systems because my cousin is a game designer and my son loves games. My son would freak if anything where to happen to any of his things.

  3. LOL! It’s great that you replaced it all for him, but oh my goodness, he is a crybaby!

  4. My son has been telling me that he will be an adult that will keep playing games, opposed to his boring mother who doesn’t. In other words, you don’t need to be boring when you grow up, mom.

  5. What a great secret! My son loves to play his ps3 his dad is just an avid supporter and I the avid controller (for his game schedule at home.

    • I love how you said – avid controller Aww lol the important thing is a sched. Thats exactly what works 🙂 thanks for sharing in my craziness

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