Fake Ass Clouds, Secrets, Land of Free–PLEASE

Look up at the sky..it’s a Bird..it’s a Plane… HELL NO it’s chemtrails!

Wow really?! The tv showing fundraisers, government calls for new plans to “Save Earth” (but your building over all necessary forest area?!) new taxes that no one understands the reasoning ie. RAIN TAX..why pay for rain when it’s been falling from the sky for free for who knows how long. And the President blames us the people for not taking care of the planet or doing our part. BUT Chemtrails do the opposite. Chemtrails actually make people sick over time, hurt the ozone, kill crops, plants, insects, animals, alter climate, and you want us or me to believe what I’ve researched is a CONSPIRACY?

Enough w/the bull shit government please really! I was leaving work when I couldn’t believe my eyes at what I seen in the sky. I actually pulled over to take multiple photos of the clouds!

THIS IS NOT PHOTOSHOP! (Photo collage at the end)

These can’t be clouds?! It’s like a thick sheet you’d find in a quilted blanket or liner. I looked over to my left, seen some people do the same as I. Mouths wide open and shaking their heads as if to know truly what’s going on. Fuck “Dooms Day” it’s already here — don’t you watch the news…yeah, so it’s a “Dooms Day” everyday. I got back in my car because I need to photo this from all angles. I hit the highway: got the side shot, seen other people pulled over looking up, and low & behold this “sheet of cloud” is over my damn house. As I took multiple photos, I’m telling you this would be a snow boarders dream if this sheet descended. The way the edges are looked like small hills and the angle going down a steep slop.

I’m telling you if I come up sick or anyone around me after looking at these clouds.. well the proof is in the photo. I received text messages asking do I see the sky? Is this in your area? Not everyone I texted had this cloud anomaly though. Funny how many people are now waking up to acknowledge the lies being told and becoming more aware of their surroundings. I’m not saying don’t pay bills, don’t spend money, don’t have sex! What I’m saying is become aware of your surroundings!!

YouTube Video: Fake vs Real Clouds

Article – Why Spray the Sky?

 You can pass this off as hearsay, conspiracy, the devils word, crazy, say or claim what you want. Mighty funny how many people actually want to talk about this but don’t know who actually feels comfortable talking about it. Come to me, feel free, I’m all about learning, and I never take anyones word as gospel just because. I always research and make my own claims. I’m from the family of: What works for you may not work for me but thank you for telling me aka take what you want & leave the rest. Better known as “to be for warned is to be for armed”

Discovery Channel Article – GMO Food

 I get the point of GMO’s but what ever happened to “sometimes crops just fail”? Why so many people have allergies now, behavioral issues w/kids, the drinking water taste funny, and grocery shopping totals are not equivalent to what your paying. My mom & older sister always have a vegetable garden. It’s organic, sweet tasting, and sometimes natures takes it’s hand on the gardens. We can’t stress out because is nature. Nature is a gamble, you can’t kill every pest in the yard, and you can’t always have the biggest yields. Well with the “MIGHTY GMO” you can have all that an more. Government says: they will label GMO products vs regular products but that’s not true at all!!! I shop at Wegmans, Whole Foods, Giants, BJ’s, and Food Lion. I have yet to see labels besides “gluten free”etc.

Amish markets/Farmers Markets when I can get there, is as close to organic & gardening as you would yourself. If I could afford all organic believe you me, I would but I do worry about what I’m putting into my body. Like you, I too have to buy my groceries in bulk an can’t get everything from the smaller markets. That’s where exercise & learning about your body helps as well. Doing your best to look at the packaging before you toss it into your cart. Semi homemade is what I do but I do get those “Oddle Noodle” days. I know what my body needs when I feel off. Do you?!


 When I go to the doctors I know what’s wrong w/me, I rarely go besides my routine physical & the “oh so fun OBGYN ” 🙂 NO! The entire point of this post is to advise, open, shed light, plant a seed so it’ll quickly sprout so you can become aware now. Change to a healthier life style if needed 🙂 with all these hormones added to our foods no wonder kids are developing faster. You don’t feel satisfied after eating or feel sluggish. There’s reasons for this but I bet when you go to a spa or vacation the body acts brand new! Not just the scenery change that’s helping it’s everything. Pay Attention.

Turn the tv’s off, read a book, take a walk, communicate, engage the mind, restlessness happens because you have to much on your mind, and if you need meds do what’s best for you. But don’t put all your trust into groups (not just referencing the government here) who don’t truly have our best interest at heart. How can someone tell you what’s good for you..if they don’t have your body? Doctors are different but who can tell me Vitamin C is bad for me? Really too much of anything can be bad for you. If they really had our best interest at heart like the news reports. We should be able to turn on the news and not catch our “government” in lies or things that “happen” to be leaked or come out. News reports the government regulations on vaccines now becoming a “MUST HAVE” when before it’s optional. Weeks, months, years later we hear reports of severe reactions from these “MUST HAVE” vaccines that was suppose to be “GOOD” for us. Please Utilize the Common since, intuition, and then you won’t have to guess if someone’s lying to you. Becoming scared won’t be much of an issues because utilizing your own inner guidance will provide you with the opening for faith, trust, and hope to come in.


Being scared won’t help a damn thing anyways but being aware makes life easier to maneuver. I have my days where shit just don’t go my way or I just throw in the towel. So I’m not invincible or writing this from a place of imagine. I’m going through good & bad days. But I have an excellent support system, group of friends, family, and my curiosity to continue to make it a priority to stay aware of things going on.

I am not moved by the things
That I hear
Nor the things that I see

(Means: Don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Let it roll off your shoulder instead of engaging in conflict/panic. Rather allow clarity/faith to guide you)


27 thoughts on “Fake Ass Clouds, Secrets, Land of Free–PLEASE

  1. Wow this is crazy. I have not noticed the fake clouds in my area. However, this does make you wonder what the world is coming too.

  2. It is a good thing you got some pictures just in case. I am big on conspiracy theories because they really make you think. The truth is we really don’t have a clue what all goes on in our government or what is going on around us. My husband was telling me something once about a theory that there was a way that they can control the weather. Interesting stuff.

  3. Very interesting observations… Hmm mm, you’ve given us some food for thought.

  4. I live in Ecuador in the Amazon and there is almost no autism here. I work in Special Education and I’m familiar with official and unofficial census and it’s almost no one with autism. There is some ADHD but nothing compared to the cities or US and Europe.

    • I completly believe what your saying. Ive reseached overseas areas myself, my moms country is S.Korea but I long to want to live in New Zealand. I believe certain places are w/o these obstructions not only due to laws but theres less environmental pollution interferring w/nature. That is the real reason we vacation to get away from our atmosphere into a place where we instantly can tell the air tastes sweet & the water actually quinches your thirst. Thank you so much for your comment

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